Thursday, May 24, 2007


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Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
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A Reaver (Cannibal)
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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So we went over to good old Colo. for Chaelomen's wedding over the weekend. It was pretty awesome. We left here at the butt crack of the morning on friday and got in by 1:00, which was sweet. nice to have almost an entire day to hang out before the wedding. It was especially nice because I got to sleep for most of the ride over, and the time that I didn't sleep I wasn't driving so I didn't really have to pay attention.

We stopped at this sweet diner that looked like the diner from "the kid" for breakfast on the way over. I'll have to post some pictures of that later when I'm not at work.

After we got to Colorado, the girls all went to get a pedicure (sort of a pre wedding tradition for us, I guess). We convinced sukie (who lied about her ethnicity to the pedecurists so she could be a little vietnamese spy) to paint little flowers on her big toe, so she is totally girlie now. It's so much cuter than just a straight paint job.

We then went to a barbecue at Berserk's which was very fun. Got to see the little kids and spend time with Valkyrie, who I honestly do not know incredibly well, but it was fun getting to talk to her some and get to know her a bit better. The food was also good, and trex let me try his cheeseburger with jelly on it... mmm.... Thanks, spongebob.

The actual wedding day was good. It was good to see Chaelomen and MJ at the temple. They both looked very happy and there were a lot of people there to see them. we got some good pictures of all the family together, which we haven't done for a while. Of course Chaelomen and MJ had to be incredibly tacky and not even show up to their own luncheon... so disappointed... doing the unmentionable... sick.

The reception was also good. I liked the pinata. Afterward, The whole family give or take a few went out to lonestar and had dinner.

Sunday was good until we actually started driving... I went to drop of my dad's key for him at the church and couldn't find him in the building, so I left it with one of his counselors and left. About 20 seconds later, he called and so we turned around and drove past a cop who then pulled us over. I mentioned on Wudan's blog that this pulling over was justified, but completely heartless. The reason it was justified is because frik was going 11 over in a 25 zone... so pretty much way too fast. It was heartless, though, for several reasons: The street totally looks like it should be 35 mph, we were from out of town so didn't know that it was 25 mph, and when we got to the church (which is where we pulled in for the cop to come write us the ticket), dad came out and the cop totally heard me saying goodbye to him and that we got pulled over... So I think she should have let us off with a warning, but once again, the 11 over in a 25 kindof justifies the ticket.

It's funny how positive Wudan was about the whole situation... He was saying that we couldn't have a great weekend without at least one thing bad happening, trying to make the situation less crappy. His outlook was completely different when Sukie got pulled over, though... Maybe something about him having to pay the $100 fine is different than me having to pay it... :)

Then we drove forever and I felt sick the whole time. The nausea and cramping didn't stop until this morning, and i'm still a little crampy... I think I must have caught a bug or had a very mild case of food poisoning.

We did finally make it through wyoming... which was good. Went to af and picked up the dog and then drove home, opened the door, and collapsed on the bed (we didn't even bring our pillows in from the car).

Today Frik went and tore out the carpet from our new place. I'm excited, b/c tomorrow we get to go take all the lightswitch covers off and get everything ready, some taping off and buying brushes for our awesome PAINT PARTY!!! woo woo! I hope you all remembered about it, b/c it's gonna be totally sweet. :)