Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter!

Christmas this year was good. We spent the night at my mother in law's on Christmas Eve. I was planning on going up to my grandma's to spend the night with her and help her out, but it didn't work out. I got on the freeway near my house and there was some wind and a little rain. By the next exit (3 miles later) I had to get off b/c I was being blown all over and I couldn't see in front of me. It was like instant blizzard.

It ended up working out fine, though, and we stayed in my sister in laws room in the basement. That room has an interesting climate... it was probably about 50 degrees in there when we finally turned on a space heater before going to sleep. The heater probably brought it up to about 60 which was at least bearable. A couple hours later, I woke up sweating and stuffy. The heat had kicked on for the whole house, and the vent in her room had heated the room to probably about 90 degrees. We had to open the door down into the basement and the window before we cooled off enough to fall back asleep.

On Christmas morning, we had breakfast with Erik's family and played some games. It was really fun and breakfast was tasty. Then we headed up to Sandy and had breakfast again with my dad's family, which was also fun and tasty :) We played more games and spent some good time with the family.

We came home and made a chicken for dinner (we would never finish a turkey, hehe...) and then watched Spiderman 3, which we got from my brother. It was good, I'm glad we have the set of them, although it was also pretty corny.

So that was our Christmas. I had a Dr. appointment today and I'm dilated 1 cm (woo hoo!). They're going to plan on inducing me a few day earlier than my due date unless I go in to labor naturally. That means that in 2 weeks or less, all of you will have a new niece/granddaughter/daughter/godchild/friend's daughter. :D

Oh, and just so everyone who hasn't been pregnant knows, when they check to see if you're dilated, it is INCREDIBLY uncomfortable. It's part painful, part discomfort, and part annoying. yuk.