Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun new site

This is a fun site that I discovered, thanks to cakewrecks:

Check it out when you get a spare moment. It's pretty funny!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Say Cheese

Welcome to the new layout, hope you all like it. I had to change it when I combined the blogs :)

All of my old posts (yes, all five of them) are now part of the archives here. I imagine Carolyn will still be doing most of the posting but I'll make an occasional guest appearance.

Happy anniversary Carolyn!

P.S. Here's a picture of a nosy squirrel:

Uncle Daybid and Aunt Darah

Alice has the best aunt and uncle in the world. I've been getting a lot of migraines and David & Sarah have been coming around to take Alice and help me get prescriptions and bring medicine and just be great support. The other day, they showed up while we were sitting outside taking video of Alice anyway, so we were able to get her reaction to the surprise visitors:

Then yesterday, we were outside playing down the street when David and Sarah got here to take me to pick up some prescriptions, so David called me to let me know they were there. I asked Alice, "Do you want to go get uncle David?" And she got excited and said, "yeah!" and got up right away to go home. While we were walking home, she was saying "Darah, Darah!" and then "Daybid!". She just loves them so much!

Today is Erik and my 4th anniversary, so Alice gets to stay with David and Sarah all day. I hope that she's good and has fun! I also hope that the surprise plans that Erik has for me work out and that I don't have too terrible of a migraine. Bleh...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

no more Dr. Pepper, baby...

So, Alice had some Diet Dr. pepper yesterday... not an obscene amount, but apparently enough to affect her sleep somewhat. She went to bed at a normal time, but was fussing and not really staying asleep very well. At about 3 am, She started crying so I finally went in to her room and laid down with her on her bed and dozed off. She, however, didn't... She was playing with me (unresponsive as I was). I vaguely remember her ramming her head into my stomach and saying "Bonk!" several times, and then making her way to the foot of the bed and saying "Feet! Feet!" at which point, I sat up and told her, "It's still night time, you have to go back to sleep". She laid down by my feet and said, "Ni night..." Then pretended to snore, started giggling, then got back up and started saying, "Daddy?". I took her into the bedroom and showed her that Daddy was asleep, then tried to wake him up so he could keep her company (it was his Dr. Pepper, after all...) But he was totally out (which is strange... the one night he actually goes to bed before 3 is the night that she is awake at 3... does that seem fair?)

So Alice went into the bathroom and said, "Draw?" and picked up her tub crayon and started doodling on the bath tub. That's when I realized that I was still really tired and decided to take her and put her back in her crib. She laid down and wasn't too happy about it, but she wasn't screaming, so I left and went back to sleep. She must have fallen asleep at some point b/c she woke up at a normal time this morning and came downstairs to watch Curious George.

Moral of the Story: follow Sarah's advice and don't drink Dr. Pepper ever, especially if you're a baby.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Me? Of course!

So... Alice was sitting on the floor playing the other day, and she kept saying over and over, "Me? Of course!" and I have NO idea where she heard it or what she thinks it means. It was hilarious, though! I tried to catch it on video, but of course as soon as I started recording it, she stopped (typical) but you can at least see the idea of it:

We got that picture from our Pediatrician. He gave us a bunch of inspirational little posters like that with a story about some kids who had a picture of a sailboat in their room and they all grew up to be sailors, saying that we should fill our homes with inspirational art and music. It was really cute, but the art itself... not my favorite. Alice decided that she loves that one though and apparently thinks it's a picture of her, so I let her play with it.