Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Went to go see Ratatouille (sp?) today with some friends. It was really cute! The show started at 10:45 am, and no one in the house set an alarm... I don't know why... so I woke up when my friend called at 10:30 asking where we were... It's a good thing we only live about 5 min from the theater. Had enough time to brush my teeth and grab some yogurt before we drove off. We only missed the first little bit of the pre-movie short (which also looked pretty funny....)

Yesterday, we put our doors back on upstairs. When we had our carpet installed back in may, we had to take off all the doors (including closet doors) in any where that the carpet would be going through. now 2 months later, we decided to put them back up and they look really good :). We switched out the doorknobs. They had those shiney brass ones that were popular when the house was built in the mid 90's (same as my parents have) which isn't bad, but we prefer the brushed nickel look. The old ones were also pretty low end when they were put in, so they were all scratched up and some were loose. It looks nice now with the new ones, though, and probably some of the old knobs are in better condition than a few at my parents house, so you guys are welcome to them. :)

We still have some boxes left to unpack... quite a few, actually... But we'll get there. One of these weekends, Mom has said that she'd make it over here and help us finish the unpacking. She's good at that kind of stuff, so I'm looking forward to her making it over here. We've also got a little bit of painting left... One wall that Suke started writing her name on and we never finished (hah!) and then some touch ups downstairs, and a second coat on the wall that leads up the stairs. Plus there's the kitchen that we have to paint, too... It'll be totally fun when we actually get around to it. It'd probably help if we both had a day off together some time...

Everything pregnancy related is going fine. I've started to get heartburn, which I've really never had... but it's usually avoidable if I don't eat pizza and stuff like that, and if I do, then tums will normally help... or a glass of milk... mmm.... I can also feel that I'm pregnant, now. When I lay down on my stomach, it feels like I'm laying on top of a lump or something, so I generally avoid that. Don't want to smash the baby and end up with a flat child... haha....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5 little monkeys...

So... We went to Costco today. It was a good time. As we were standing out by the car, loading groceries into the trunk (well, actually, I was watching FRIK load the groceries), I decided to be helpful and put something in the trunk. Well apparently the trunk door hadn't opened all the way, b/c when I leaned over, I hit my head on the edge of the door. It didn't hurt, but I was somewhat embarrassed. I looked at Frik and my eyes started welling up with tears as I said, "I didn't want to bump my head!". That's when my lips started trembling and he got a look on his face like he wanted to say, "You're not going to cry about this, are you?" but instead he just said, "Don't cry! it's ok!" And yes, i broke down for about 1 1/2 minutes.

I don't know if I can blame that on pregnancy emotions, b/c I've always been pretty emotional... but come on.... that was just ridiculous! It was kind of cute the way that Frik reacted, though. Hah...

Other than that, everything is going pretty well. We went to the Dr on Monday for my second scheduled appointment. Basically, like the doctor said, "no news is good news". Nothing to report on that except we heard the baby's heart beat again. It's a little slower this time, which is normal... but still about 150 bpm, which is also normal.

Work is also going well. I'm starting to understand more of what I'm doing. Poor Frik though, answering all kinds of dumb questions all day long. I feel worse for the people who I ask questions to when he's not there (every Monday), because as far as they know, I'm actually understanding what's going on and sending out good emails on my own accord, and then every Monday i suddenly become stupid... hah, it's not too bad, though.

In other news, Sarah is home from her mission. I've talked to her a few times. She sounds good. It's different being home of course, but she's pretty happy and everything went well. I'm in the process of finding her a place to live. The guy who was supposed to have signed her up for a complex near campus a few months ago fell through, so we're kind of in crunch mode now. Hopefully I'll be able to find somewhere that's not too far away and still somewhere that she won't be the old weird RM girl room mate.

Well, that's about it for my update. It's been a while, but that's all i've got for now.