Friday, April 28, 2006


So we've been visiting my family in colorado for the past few days... It's been fun, and we're leaving early tomorrow morning to get back and watch Jabba while Sukie and Wudan celebrate their 7th anniversary! I'm excited. I think we're gonna try to go up rock canyon and look at some stuff. If not, then we'll do something else that is of course totally awesome.

In case no one has noticed (which I know you haven't since there are no new comments on his blog) there is a new link over at the left. Frik has decided to join the blogging community and he's worked really hard on making a layout that he likes. I think it's pretty cool. I'm just waiting for him to redesign mine, now... :o)

Anyway, though... I ought (is that right? Aught? oaught?) to go to sleep so we can be all alert while we drive home tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

8-bit Gamer Test

Normally, I'm not a big fan of all the pointless online tests, but this one seemed pretty cool (read: i did good on it)

I am dying of CRT radiation.
I got 12/16 on the 8-Bit Gamer test.
Take the test!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Not really a whole lot to say, except that I can't believe you people didn't think those lizards were funny! Geez... comeon.

On another note, I got a paper back today when I went to go take my final. I got a 47/50 on it. I swear, if every test was a paper instead, I would have a 4.freaking0. that's right.

You know what chores I hate the most?? the ones that get to a point where it is absolutley crucial that you do them... Things like laundry and dishes, as opposed to cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming. Yeah, sure... the bathroom can get really disgusting, and hopefully you've cleaned it before it gets to that point... but if you put of doing laundry long enough, you won't have any clean underwear. And that could be really bad. Same thing with dishes: you run out of silverware or cups or plates... I don't understand how some people can keep their houses so clean. And then when i go to those people's houses, It makes me feel all the messier. I want to always have a clean house... really. I need someone's advice. What am I doing wrong? Why is it that everytime I turn around, the counter is covered with papers and dishes and who knows what other random artifacts...And you know what the worst part is??? IT'S NOT FRIK!! IT'S ALL ME!! I hate that...

Anyway, I've got some TV to watch and outlines to write... fun times.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Almost Done

For the most part I'm done designing my blog. After working on it for weeks, I've even let Carebear link to it. I still have a few things to tweak here and there, but for the most part, it's come together pretty well. The funny thing is, I've probably spent more time designing it than I'll ever spend writing in it.

It still looks a little off in Internet Explorer, so I recomend Firefox if you want to see it displayed correctly. You can't blame me for not trying though, I spent a couple days just trying to get IE to dispay the page at all, and then about 2 weeks trying to make it look right in IE, and in spite of I.E.'s complete disregard for web standards, I think I've managed to make it look pretty decent. It still looks better in Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape, or any browser this side of 2001.

Overall, I had a lot of fun designing it. I learned a ton about CSS and web design in general, and, considering the last time I designed a webpage was circa 1993(it had some wicked mouseover glowing buttons, and used two frames!), I'd have to say that I'm impressed with how this one turned out.

I figure most of my posts will be ranting about technology, gadgets, work, and the occasional update on my incredibly uninteresting life. So don’t go adding me to your bookmarks just yet, you might be sorely disappointed if you do.

Anyway, I thought it would be fitting to start my blog by giving credit to those whose content I "borrowed" in making this site:

First and foremost, if you're a fan of Collective Soul (and who isn't), then you may have already noticed that my site bears a slight resemblance to Believe it or not, this was completely unintentional.

background image borrowed from
The title image borrowed from
Method for rounded corners from
Method for "transparent" backgrounds from CSS/Edge

Special thanks to:, FreeBSD, Apache, Notepad, Diet Mountain Dew, Firefox,, and

* No members of the RIAA, or MPAA were harmed during the creation of this site.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sooo weird

We were watching this TV show tonight and saw this guy who trains lizards to sit in different positions. Its so funny. Frik and I were laughing so hard.

Oh, and one picture that is hard to find off of the main site:
linked :P


So, my paper actually ended up being pretty good. I even got a chance to read through it before I brought it in. Hopefully, I'll get a good enough grade on it.

Now I've got 2 days of nothing (reading days) and a few more of finals. It should be pretty easy. I'm hoping that I'll do well enough on my finals to pull a couple of A's and A-'s.

I registered for classes yesterday, and I realized that I have no more GEs to take or even prereqs for my major... so I filled out the application for my major, and I should get in for next winter semester. It's exciting!

I also signed up for a few classes this summer, one is a spreadsheet skills class... for no reason except that I want to take it... and the other 2 are both gym classes, one for spring term, one for summer. I'm taking Weight lifting and Swimming.

I heard back from FAFSA today. They have determined that I am not eligible for a Pell grant. That's ok. I kindof figured it'd happen. (Sukie, I guess something about having a kid helps you guys get more aid.)

So that's the story of my life right now. :o)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

School's almost over!

Well, I know that one of my final grades is going to be a 92%, or maybe a 93%, depending on whether or not he adds the extra credit point in. That makes me happy. I don't think I've gotten an A (A-) since maybe my freshman year. Except in a gym class. And this one is for a science class. yipee!

Other than that... I've got a paper due on Monday... need to work on that... that's my last paper of the semester, and then I've just got... 4 more tests? yeah, 4. *sigh* almost done...

I wend up to the inlaws to dye easter eggs today. It was fun! made some pretty eggs... and then when I got back, Sukie and Wudan and the boy were here with my tax file, so I filled out my FAFSA renewal sheet. I'm glad to have that done, and hopefully they'll give us some aid... but it's not like it was for last year, when our entire income from the previous year didn't top $5000. Oh well. Maybe I'll get a couple hundred for books. :)

I'm hoping that I'll be able to go over to Denver after finals are over. My last final is on the 25th... and I want to take that one early, because the only other scheduled final I have is on the 22nd, which means we could leave on the 23 or 24th... and be there until the 27th or 28th. I want to go and see Berserk's new house, which means that we will be helping him move stuff over. :) And I also want to spend a few days with the family.

So, this spring, I'm taking a weightlifting class with Frik. It'll be fun. I'll be so buff by June that no one will recognize me. heheh...

Anyway, like I said, I have a paper due monday, and I shoudl start working on it. :o)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So, I got a job... after about 4 months of being rejected by BYU employers, I decided to go to Convergys. I went in to apply, and one of the projects they were hiring for was Roche (which, i have been told, is the best project to work on. The "elite" of convergys... you actually have to have some college in order to be considered!) So I applied and was interviewed over the phone a few days later. Unfortunately, training was from 1-10, and all of my classes for the semester started at 1, so I couldn't do it. They told me that I was exactly what they were looking for, though, and that they wanted me to reapply when it would fit my schedule. So, I called a week or so ago, and got no reply... I emailed and sent my resume in again and still got no reply. Well yesterday, I had to pick frik up from work, so I decided to go next door and see when they would be hiring again. Turns out they were hiring this week, to start on May 8th. So they set me up with an interview. It went so good... Every question that the interviewer asked me, I had a good answer for, and after I gave each of my answers, he kept saying, "that's just great, perfect, wonderful example... etc, etc..." At the end of the interview (which took almost an hour and a half) he said, "Even though you haven't had a lot of medical experience, let me tell you why I want to hire you". Then he went on for about 10 minutes listing how great of an employee i would be and all this wonderful stuff about me... quite the ego boost. And then he offered me the job. It's funny how different I felt today, just knowing that I have a job. (soon). In "Dave" (the president movie) Dave says something along the lines of the look on someones face when the have a job is irreplacable, and it's not about the money, but it's about having some worth... something like that. I've been without a job for a while, and I didn't really think it'd be a big difference, but I really think it will be now.

So a little more about the project that I lovingly call Roaches: We will be doing the inbound customer service for Accucheck (the company that makes diabetic meters). The people who call in, from what i hear, are usually quite pleasant and accucheck gives convergys quite a bit of authority. We can replace people's machines if we want to... That's about all I've gathered from it so far.

At first when I appled at Convergys, I felt like I was sinking to a new low... and I haven't started working yet, but I actually am excited to start. Probably because I'm not on Amex outbound... And the tuition reimbursement will be nice. :o) Not to mention that the starting wage is a couple $ more than on campus jobs... :o)

So that was my day today. I also made it to class on time. Oh: wacky random thing: I was driving down the main street over here the other day and I saw 2 llamas in front of someone's house... weird.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Create a house on my street!

Field trip

So, I had an extra credit feild trip today for my geology class in rock canyon. I asked Frik if he wanted to come with me. I thought it would be fun. Pretty much we would walk around and look at the rocks, see if we could identify them and figure out how rock canyon was formed. He decided that it would be alright, and he came with me. It was fun. We hiked around a bit and it was really cool to see some rocks and apply the stuff we learned in class to the real world. The TA was showing us some stuff, and she said, "Lets go a little further up so we can see another fold in the rock" or something like that. We started heading up and we saw the search and rescue cars parked farther up with a bunch of the rescue people standing around. It was a little weird, but they didn't seem to worried about anything, and I hadn't heard of anyone getting lost in rock canyon. I asked them why they were there, and they said it was for training... Anyway, we kept going up and stopped not far from the search and rescue team. Suddenly, we heard something that sounded like thunder, so I looked up to the sky (which was completely clear blue) and while I was looking up, I saw at the top of the mountain right across the stream from us a huge piece breaking off. The TA was surprised and she was like, "holy cow!" Some of us stood there watching for a few seconds when we realized that the falling rocks were knocking other pices of rock down, and they were headed right towards us. One of the search and rescue guys who was right there said, "Whoa! those are car sized!" So we started running. I felt kindof dumb running up the mountain, but when I heard the search and rescue guy yell, "Keep running!" I didn't feel so stupid. when I got what seemed to me to be far enough away, I looked back and saw that at the river, where we were standing, there were pieces of boulders about the size of watermelons that weren't there before. Some of the girls who were watching closer, not running for their lives, said that the pieces of rocks were spraying across the river... not just pieces of rocks, really, but huge chunks of mountain. It was so insane. Here we were, a geology class, going on a field trip to see the mountains, and we saw them... falling right on top of us...

So we were all fine, but the S&R people kept radioing back and forth and calling out to people to count off and asking if everyone was accounted for. When we walked a bit farther down, we saw 2 of the stragglers from our group who were stopped by the search and rescue people. And when we got to the bottom, there were people all around from the park (which is about a half mile away, I guess... I'm not sure) who had run up b/c they heard it.

Anyway... it's not like I almost died or anything, or that I feel like my life flashed before my eyes, but it was definitely an experience that I didn't think I would have today. And I don't even really remember starting to run... I just remember the water splashing my calves as i ran and the noise... it was so loud! Just the noise of rock breaking... It was really awesome and makes me want to think twice before I go climbing up there again... :o)

Thursday, April 6, 2006

New addition to the family

We have a new family member! His/her name is Suzuki Forenza! Hooray!
We traded in the Rio and now have a car with AC, power windows/locks/mirrors, pretty green paint, and lots more space. The subwoofers actually fit in the trunk without tearing the back seat out to manipulate them in. :)

Frik needs to get them installed soon, because the bass coming out of the midrange speakers sounds yucky (i think I got that all right...). There are 8 speakers in teh car already, and then with the subwoofer (which is huge) we will have a pretty nifty sound system in there.

When we went to the dealership, the subwoofers and wires were already all out of the car, but the stereo was still in... Frik was planning on switching it out with the stock one before we went shopping, but that didn't happen. So while we were waiting for them to draw up the papers, Frik and I went out to the car and in about 10 minutes it was all switched out, and it worked and looked great. It's the fastest uninstall/install that I've ever seen. :)

Anyway, this is the new car. oh, I forgot to say... It's a 2005, so that's nice. Very new... and it only has 9,000 miles on it. It gets good mileage and it's got a cute interior. Everyone will have to see it! I like it a lot! :)

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Christmas book

So we went over to Frik's buddy's house the other day for dinner, and they gave us a christmas present! hehe... I guess a guy from Frik's buddy's company wrote a book and they used the software to do all the illustrations... correct me if that is wrong... but the final product was "Mr. Finnegan's Giving Chest". It's a pretty cute little story... kindof a typical christmas type story: the hard cover book with pictures and a moral (which I like, by the way...) Anyway, it's a good book and it's pretty. The illustrations are really nice!

Other than that... we went up to Frik's mom's to clean out the car today and take out the stereo. It was a little sad to take it all apart and when we drove home, there were no subwoofers, which sounded very sad. I love that car... but it'll be way better to have something with AC. We're going to finish paying this one off (with tax monies! woohoo Sukie!) and then go looking around. I found the reciept for Niwot Inn (the place we went on our honeymoon) under the drivers seat. That's been a good car... and it's gonna keep being good, since Frik bought it for $2500 and we will get around $4500 on a trade in. I love it!

Then, I've got a Physical science test this week and 2 papers due next week. :) gotta start working on them now so that I'm not up until crazy hours of the night the day before, killing myself for not doing them!