Saturday, April 22, 2006

Not really a whole lot to say, except that I can't believe you people didn't think those lizards were funny! Geez... comeon.

On another note, I got a paper back today when I went to go take my final. I got a 47/50 on it. I swear, if every test was a paper instead, I would have a 4.freaking0. that's right.

You know what chores I hate the most?? the ones that get to a point where it is absolutley crucial that you do them... Things like laundry and dishes, as opposed to cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming. Yeah, sure... the bathroom can get really disgusting, and hopefully you've cleaned it before it gets to that point... but if you put of doing laundry long enough, you won't have any clean underwear. And that could be really bad. Same thing with dishes: you run out of silverware or cups or plates... I don't understand how some people can keep their houses so clean. And then when i go to those people's houses, It makes me feel all the messier. I want to always have a clean house... really. I need someone's advice. What am I doing wrong? Why is it that everytime I turn around, the counter is covered with papers and dishes and who knows what other random artifacts...And you know what the worst part is??? IT'S NOT FRIK!! IT'S ALL ME!! I hate that...

Anyway, I've got some TV to watch and outlines to write... fun times.


  1. If it helps, Valkyrie thought the lizards were funny.

  2. I thought they were funny too. :)


  3. Honestly you've seen my house and it's bad!!! Don't even start w/ yours lady!!;)

    Here's the thing. . .

    I'm exhausting when i get home. We constantly preoccupy our minds w/ school, work, and other things. The last thing we want to do is clean. I rather veggie ~ but then it's super embarrassing to have company over.

    Well that's how I feel anyway.

    For V-day, I want a maid!