Saturday, April 15, 2006

School's almost over!

Well, I know that one of my final grades is going to be a 92%, or maybe a 93%, depending on whether or not he adds the extra credit point in. That makes me happy. I don't think I've gotten an A (A-) since maybe my freshman year. Except in a gym class. And this one is for a science class. yipee!

Other than that... I've got a paper due on Monday... need to work on that... that's my last paper of the semester, and then I've just got... 4 more tests? yeah, 4. *sigh* almost done...

I wend up to the inlaws to dye easter eggs today. It was fun! made some pretty eggs... and then when I got back, Sukie and Wudan and the boy were here with my tax file, so I filled out my FAFSA renewal sheet. I'm glad to have that done, and hopefully they'll give us some aid... but it's not like it was for last year, when our entire income from the previous year didn't top $5000. Oh well. Maybe I'll get a couple hundred for books. :)

I'm hoping that I'll be able to go over to Denver after finals are over. My last final is on the 25th... and I want to take that one early, because the only other scheduled final I have is on the 22nd, which means we could leave on the 23 or 24th... and be there until the 27th or 28th. I want to go and see Berserk's new house, which means that we will be helping him move stuff over. :) And I also want to spend a few days with the family.

So, this spring, I'm taking a weightlifting class with Frik. It'll be fun. I'll be so buff by June that no one will recognize me. heheh...

Anyway, like I said, I have a paper due monday, and I shoudl start working on it. :o)


  1. We aren't really sure what date we'll be doing the actual moving... you might just barely miss it. Or you might be right on time. You still have to see the new house, either way.

  2. We get aid every year ~ you'll for sure get aid!