Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas etc.

So we had a good Christmas. We spent most of our time with Frik's family. It was very fun.

I got a new toy yesterday. We used the grandparent money to get me a DS lite (pink, of course). It is adorable. I played mario on it for about an hour. Now I finally fit in with the rest of frik's family. (except mine is way cooler than any of yours!)

Tomorrow we're going up to SLC for Sukie's Birthday (yay!). I've never been to the restaurant we're going to, but it sounds good.

not really a lot to say... Sorry this post is so thrilling. What's everyone doing for new years??? We'll probably just stay home. :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'm done with finals, which is a relief. Although, i missed one, just by being stupid. It was a total accident. I thought it was one week when it was really the week before... yeah it sucks. hopefully that won't hurt me too much. It's a class I really detested anyway.

I finished my shopping. I had 1 person left to buy for, and we finally bought it a few days ago. It's something he'll really like... (Chaelomen). Hopefully it'll come before friday, because that's when i think Daxsaito is leaving for CO, and we're sending it back with him. If it doesn't come, I'll just have to torture Chaelomen until it does. Here's a hint: it's old. hehe just kidding.

We went to the married student ward in our area last week. they meet at 8:30 instead of 9:00, and their time isn't changing with the new year b/c it changes at the beginning of the school year. nevertheless, i think we are going to stick with the student ward. Our current ward is nice an all, but there is no one there for me to be friends with. They're old and they didn't reall ever notice we were there. and since Sarah left and we moved out of the other ward, I haven't had a whole lot of femal friends to talk to. So we finally gave in and decided to start going to the student ward in our area. They were so much more on top of it. One couple came up to us after sunday school and asked us if we'd ever met because they didn't recognize us. they were very nice. We told them we were new, so they introduced us to the sunday school president who asked us if we had talked to the bishop about transferring our records to their ward. We hadn't so he told us where the bishop's office is, and gave us a questionnaire for new members of the ward (basically, it was the "do you play the piano" type stuff). It was really nice to feel like someone had noticed that we were there. The new ward also gets out a half hour or so before our old student ward meets, so we got to see some of our old friends. It was fun.

I've asked Frik to start working on a new layout for my blog. I'm not talented enough to do it myself. Everyone keep bugging him until we see it put up. I'm getting tired of Mike Wazowski. :)

We also went and hung out with frik's buddy and his wife a few days ago. It was fun. We played Monkey Ball on the Wii (the wife and I) and it was really fun. That game alone made me want to get a wii.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Episode IV: A New Post

Whats the occasion? I'm sitting here at work watching A Beautiful Mind(if you haven't seen it, you should) and waiting for Carolyn to get off work. The funny thing is, what I'm doing now isn't terribly different from what I do while I'm on the clock :) With my 4 hours of free time I've managed to, among other things, read the entire internet, and subsequently bore myself to death. I should have brought a book to read...

The vacation was a much needed break from routine. Disney World was much better than I could have expected. I can't be blamed for that though; having only ever been to Disney Land. Those of you who have been to both know what I'm talking about. If you've only ever been to Disney Land, then you don't know what I'm talking about. If you've only ever been to Disney World, then you still have no idea what I'm talking about, but at least you know you're not missing anything.

I'm more excited about Christmas this year than I have been since I was a kid. I'm excited about the presents I know I'm getting, more excited about the presents I don't know about, and even more excited about the presents I got for Carolyn. :D The presents aren't the real reason I'm so excited though, sure they're a good part of it, but what I'm really excited about is that Carolyn is getting a break from classes.

Going to School full time and working full time is crazy. Between school and work everything just blends together. Days roll into days life becomes a run-on sentence, and before you know it you're so lost that you show up to work on your day off. You would expect this to be tough on Carolyn, but sometimes I wonder who it affects more, Carolyn or me. I do know that her going to school is more stressful on me than going to school myself, but that's my own problem. I'm not suggesting that it's not hard for Carolyn(how stupid would that be?) I'm really proud of her for sticking it out :) Anyway, that's what I meant when I said that the vacation was a nice break from routine. I think the day she graduates we'll leave on a 30 day cruise to the middle of nowhere. Then we'll come back and party for a year or two.

Merry Christmas, you're all invited!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


well, I guess it's about time for an update...

I have been incredibly busy, but what else is new? We went on vacation to Florida a few weeks ago. It was very fun. We met with my mom and went to disney world. We've already decided that we're going back next year. We extended our tickets so we're all ready to go.

I sent Sarah her Christmas Package today. It cost $60 to send. Can you believe that? it was probably $40 worth of stuff, weighed about 15 lbs. The post man guy said it will probably get there in time for christmas. the deadline for guaranteed delivery was 2 days ago, but that's ok. It will be there by 2 days after christmas, and probably in time for christmas anyway.

We wrapped all our presents the other day. I'm so excited! This is the first year that I have no idea what I'm getting from anyone... except mom... and they all have no idea what they're getting from me (except how you can feel that a package is a DVD or whatever). I never understood the purpose of wishlist type stuff. I much rather think of something to get a person on my own, because if you get them something just by looking on their wishlist, it might as well just be cash, which is very impersonal. Besides, the best part about getting a gift is the surprise (in my opinion), and when you give a gift, the look on the person's face when they see the gift, and it's not like, "oh, i was wondering who bought me that off of my amazon wish list".

The only time those kinds of lists are practical is when you get married, because then you're getting your entire house full of stuff, and it's all for one couple. Even then, though, It's still not as exciting as giving something more thoughtful.

That's about how my life has been. I have finals next week, and then I'm off for a couple weeks. Merry Christmas, everybody!