Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brigham’s Young’s is a strange place

The new semester started today (yesterday actually, but for me it started today ;).

So on my way to class I parked the usual 15 minutes away from campus (if you've ever tried to park at BYU you know what I'm talking about) and just as I'm getting to the outer fringe of campus I walk past an empty, parked SUV with the keys in the ignition, engine running, doors unlocked, and windows down.... My first though was "weird" my second thought was "if I were a less-honest person I could hop in that car and drive off" and my final thought was "he's going to feel really stupid when he comes back and his car is gone."

So I went to class for 3 hours. (One class, 3 hours, but it was good. I think I am really going to enjoy this spring term.) Then, on my way back there it was: the same SUV in the same spot, keys in the ignition, engine running, doors unlocked, and windows down.... "weird!"

Happy Wedding!

For those of you who are living under a rock, David and Guildy got married. Congratulations!


the 2 groomsmen trying to smell their flowers


Dad & David


The groom trying to smell his flower...


Silly boys




Grandma & Squirt


David and Squirt after dinner.

I can't believe I didn't get a single picture of Guildy! Sheesh... I guess you'll have to look elsewhere to see how hot she looked ;)

correction- Frik didn't get a single picture of Guildy. He was the one with the camera, so he was the one to blame!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing Catch-up

It's been a while so here are some pictures from the past couple weeks:


She really liked the Easter Egg hunt with Lorna's ward, and figured it out pretty quickly.




She actually enjoyed easter egg dying, too, and put a couple of eggs into the dye all by herself.


Enjoying the post Easter snow




Today, trying to blow bubbles. Can you believe that this picture was taken only a couple of weeks after the others? The weather has been SO nice lately. Warm, but not hot, and sunny.


Just enjoying the Sun :)

Some of Squirt's favorite words to say lately: bubbles, cheese, shoes (sounds a lot like cheese), Day-bid, Duke, Ma, Daddy, ByeBye, Butt, Poop, Milk, Eye, mmm (in response to the question, "Are you hungry?") and of course, No. It seems that she's starting into the "terrible twos" where she is fighting me over whether or not to go to sleep or to eat or go outside or whatever it is that she does or does not want to do. It's frustrating, but hopefully won't last long.

Lately, when she wakes up, she doesn't cry for us but instead calls down, "Ma! Mama!?" One night she even called down for daddy. It's nice that she knows we'll come up there and doesn't get sad, just lets us know she's awake, however, she's been calling down to us within a couple of minutes of us laying her down for the past week or so, so we have to go up and tell her it's nime for ni-night.

She's so much fun, though, despite however difficult she is being lately. She still is my favorite little person (Frik is my favorite big person, haha) and I still can't wait to see her and cuddle her and love her. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who Knew Foosball Could Be So Much Fun?

I recently became a foosball addict. At work we have a real professional-type foosball table in the break room, and when I first started working there everyone who was anyone played it for almost every break they had. I played a couple of games back then just to fill-in when they were desperate for a 4th guy. I wouldn't necesarilly say I sucked; I played about as good as you would expect a normal person to play foosball, but these guys seemed to be playing another game entirely. It turns out there's a lot more to foosball than hitting the ball as hard as you can in the right direction. Anyway, most of the guys that were really serious about it have been gone for a long time now and the foosball table hasn't been maintained in a couple of years.

That was, until a few weeks ago. Some coworkers and I started playing and it spread like an infection. So yesterday we cleaned up the playing surface (it was disgusting), cleaned up the foosballs, cleaned up the players, and oiled the bars, etc. Playing a few games a day with the few good players that are still around has been a lot of fun. I'm at the point where I can more than hold my own and the competition is getting intense.

If you've never played a real competetive game of foosball you're missing out. I think it's the most fun I've ever had in an office setting (saying a lot, I know). It comes at a really good time though because things were starting to get a little tense at work with the lay-offs and everyone working so hard all the time trying not to get canned. Don't get me wrong, hard work is great, but you can only sprint for so long before you start to hate your job. So it's been nice to relax a little and really enjoy going to work again.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


When I was in CO a few weeks ago, Mom and I stopped at a garage sale where they had a bunch of CDs for $1 each. Pretty typical garage sale CD prices, and I love getting them there because they're so cheap! Well one of the CDs that I picked up was Simon & Garfunkle's greatest hits. I know, totally lame, but also really cool. I was mostly looking forward to "Mrs. Robinson" and "The Sound of Silence" since they were the only 2 that I knew I knew. Well I listened to it once in CO and found that I liked quite a few of the songs on the CD. I brought it back and played it for Erik in spite of his dislike for them because of a crazy hippie elementary school teacher who was in love with them.

Well, within just a few listenings, Squirt had fallen in love. She was dancing and kicking and bobbing her cute little head to "The Boxer" all with a huge smile on her face. Then when "The Sound of Silence" came on, she was really liking it, and when the song ended, she started yelling and crying until we started it over again. Silly girl, loves Simon & Garfunkle. (Her other favorite group is ABBA).

Another favorite of hers is Cheese. While we were at Sarah's for "fakesgiving," Squirt had decided that it was time to go home and was banging on the door saying "bye bye! bye bye!" In order to keep her occupied for another couple of rounds of the great Dalmuti, I asked Sarah if she had any cheese. Alice immediately stopped and said, "Cheese?" and went over to the fridge.

One other favorite of hers is her favorite TV show: Handy Manny. Today, I was trying to make dinner but she was getting all in my way, so I said, "Do you want to watch Handy Manny while I make dinner?" She nodded and headed in to the front room and I put it on for her. I have, in the past, asked her if she wanted to watch Handy Manny, but then put on Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse Club House, and she has brought me the remote and insisted that I change it. I love how she has connected that the remote is what makes it so that I can make her tv shows come on, and if she wants to watch tv, she'll bring it over to me. So cute!

The really interesting thing to me is how much Squirt's favorites become my favorites. I would never have picked McDonalds over ANY other kind of food before, but now that I can see her playing on the toys and enjoying her hamburger, I love it. And Simon and Garfunkle are quickly becoming favorites of mine, as well.  Don't hate. :D