Wednesday, April 1, 2009


When I was in CO a few weeks ago, Mom and I stopped at a garage sale where they had a bunch of CDs for $1 each. Pretty typical garage sale CD prices, and I love getting them there because they're so cheap! Well one of the CDs that I picked up was Simon & Garfunkle's greatest hits. I know, totally lame, but also really cool. I was mostly looking forward to "Mrs. Robinson" and "The Sound of Silence" since they were the only 2 that I knew I knew. Well I listened to it once in CO and found that I liked quite a few of the songs on the CD. I brought it back and played it for Erik in spite of his dislike for them because of a crazy hippie elementary school teacher who was in love with them.

Well, within just a few listenings, Squirt had fallen in love. She was dancing and kicking and bobbing her cute little head to "The Boxer" all with a huge smile on her face. Then when "The Sound of Silence" came on, she was really liking it, and when the song ended, she started yelling and crying until we started it over again. Silly girl, loves Simon & Garfunkle. (Her other favorite group is ABBA).

Another favorite of hers is Cheese. While we were at Sarah's for "fakesgiving," Squirt had decided that it was time to go home and was banging on the door saying "bye bye! bye bye!" In order to keep her occupied for another couple of rounds of the great Dalmuti, I asked Sarah if she had any cheese. Alice immediately stopped and said, "Cheese?" and went over to the fridge.

One other favorite of hers is her favorite TV show: Handy Manny. Today, I was trying to make dinner but she was getting all in my way, so I said, "Do you want to watch Handy Manny while I make dinner?" She nodded and headed in to the front room and I put it on for her. I have, in the past, asked her if she wanted to watch Handy Manny, but then put on Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse Club House, and she has brought me the remote and insisted that I change it. I love how she has connected that the remote is what makes it so that I can make her tv shows come on, and if she wants to watch tv, she'll bring it over to me. So cute!

The really interesting thing to me is how much Squirt's favorites become my favorites. I would never have picked McDonalds over ANY other kind of food before, but now that I can see her playing on the toys and enjoying her hamburger, I love it. And Simon and Garfunkle are quickly becoming favorites of mine, as well.  Don't hate. :D


  1. Haha awesome! I guess i don't understand because i'm not a mother yet. Jk :)

  2. My kids favorites are my favorites too. I used to hate Dora the Explorer but I love watching my daughter watch it. I love to watch her laugh and get all into the show.