Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So my sweet baby has learned how to use a new word. David and Sarah had come over to pick up some wedding cards that were sent here, and Squirt was just waking up from a nap. When I brought her down, she was still a little cranky and clingy, but overall happy because she saw that David and Sarah were here. Uncle David asked her "Do you want to come see me?" and she shook her head and said in a very sweet little voice "no". It was so cute. They kept asking her if she wanted to come see them just to see/hear her say no in such a cute little way.

She's been struggling for the past couple weeks with an abscess on her neck. It started right as we got to Colorado for our visit and then just got worse, until we finally took her to the dr when we got home a week later. at that point they told us what it was (we were thinking swollen lymph nodes) and gave her some antibiotics which were supposed to either make it go away, or make it come to a head. For those of you who don't know what an abscess is, it's like a boil, but bigger. Similar to the problem I had while I was pregnant.

Well by friday last week, it had come to a head so we took her in and then drained it, which was super disgusting and sad and traumatizing at the same time. They had her strapped down to this board and had a nurse holding her head down while the dr worked and then packed the empty cavity with this really skinny tape like gauze.

The worst part for me is that every day I change her dressing and then have to pull out 2 inches of the gauze and cut it off. Yuk. Pulling stuff out of my baby's neck like it was a floss dispenser is really disturbing, and I swear Frik almost pukes every time he thinks about it.

The whole ordeal has made me fall even more in love with our pediatricians office, though. They drove me home on the day of the draining because frik had to get to class. They've been calling and having us come in after hours no charge to get the dressing changed or to take a look at her to make sure it's ok... and the dr called a couple times over the weekend just to check and see how we're doing and left us with his cell phone number. It was really nice to have someone care about us so much!

I've also realized that Squirt doesn't like older men. We saw a younger dr when we went in the first time (around 30 or so) and then our regular dr came in (in his late 50s I'd guess) and although squirt was fine with the first dr, she was scared and cried for the second one. So Wizard, don't take it personally! You're just too old ;)When I thought about it a bit, I realized that it's probably because Squirt never really associates with any older men since my dad isn't here all the time and Frik's dad is gone, so she has no problems with grandmas and mommy and daddy age people, but grandpas are a foreign concept to her. We've gotta find a surrogate grandpa around here...


  1. also- the floss dispenser thing I think it the grossest way you could ever describe that...

  2. haha yeah probably, but that's the only thing I could think of that actually describes what it looks like and conveys the amount of disgust that there is in pulling the gauze out. :D

  3. Alice is the cutest ever! Oh and maybe the reason she doesn't like Sam is that he just looks like an old foggie :)

  4. She could always hang out with my Dad, he loves babies :) and he's older, so that works :)

  5. ooh that's true. We need to bring Phil around more often :)