Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I’m so full of hurt and anger right now…

and yet have very little to say.

I used to truly believe that, deep down (further down for some than others) 90% of the human population were good people. I'm now convinced it's more like 10% of people are good inside, and 90% are a festering cespool of disgust and hate. (Some hide it better than others, so my numbers could still be off a bit)

So, what would happen if we all dispensed with the niceties, the falsehoods, the decency, and the platitudes? I can't begin to imagine, but I got a taste of it today and I am still at a loss to describe how it made me feel.


  1. I hate to see you feeling that way. Hope you bounce back.

  2. That sucks, man. I'm sorry.

  3. what the crap? what happened?

  4. Striker, we're all mad at you and this is our covert way of telling you that you smell bad.