Thursday, March 5, 2009

Carolyn Needs...

Here's what you do: Google your name with the word 'needs' after it. Put it all in quotes like this: "Harvey needs" or "Darren needs" Make a list of the first 10 things that make sense that Google spits out.

1. Carolyn needs a spanking =)

2. Carolyn needs good food, good shelter

3. Carolyn needs to take long hot baths and add some herbs.

4. Carolyn needs to cut back on stress and find emotional satisfaction.

5. Carolyn needs us guys.


7. Carolyn needs urgent sponsorship.

8. Carolyn needs someone to cut her food and stay close by in case she chokes.

9. Carolyn needs to turn 15 more or gain 365 more Zombe points to reach the next level.

10. Carolyn needs phone #'s because her mom accidentally washed her phone.


  1. 1. Erik needs an heir
    2. Erik needs your phone numbers
    3. Erik needs 24-hour care
    4. Erik needs to be seen more on MySpace
    5. Erik needs love
    6. Erik needs to complete the game
    7. Erik needs a Hero
    8. Erik needs a team
    9. Erik needs your help
    10. Erik needs to get off his butt

  2. I had one that said however many more Zombe points but there was another right after it in the same link that said something about biting chumps, so I took that one instead :D