Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I guess I have to post again after last night's post. I didn't expect that anyone would actually read it until maybe another week or so had passed and somebody accidentally hit my blog. Sadly, I didn't account for those pesky RSS feeds.

Last night's blog post was the product of taking in months worth of noxious back-biting in single evening, letting it fester for a couple hours, and finally needing a place to unload it. I must have drafted at least 10 emails and another 5 blog posts before I was finally able to write something coherent. In short, something had to give, and it did.

In hindsight, I've been reminded once again of why I try to avoid this kind of toxic discourse we so affectionately call social drama, as nothing truly good ever came of it.

Finally, I have to revise my numbers a bit. 100% of the human population has a festering cesspool of disgust and hate buried somewhere deep inside their persona. You just don't get to see it very often because it stays hidden behind a generally decent exterior. I apologize to those people I offended.

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