Monday, February 23, 2009

C is for...

Rules: erase my answers, enter yours,  and tag 10 people.  Use the 1st letter of  your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, and things.  You can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

 1. What is your name: Carolyn

2. 4 letter word: Camp

3. A Boy’s Name:  Charles

4. A Girl’s Name:  Cindy

5. An Occupation: Customer Service Rep

6. A Color: Cerulean

7. Something you wear: Cap

8. A Beverage:  Carrot Juice

9. A Food: Candy

10. Something found in the bathroom: Conditioner

11. A place: Carport

12. A Reason for being late:  Can't find my keys

13. Something you shout: Come here now!

Jaw Dropping Excitement

A couple of months ago, Frik and I bought Squirt some bangles to play with because she had taken to wearing the roll of packing tape around her wrist all over the place. She loved them, but they've been sitting in a tin in the bottom of her toy box for over a month now, so she forgot that she even had them.

Today, she wanted to play with Daddy's sunglasses, so instead I pulled out that tin because it had a pair of little kid sunglasses in it. When I opened the box, her jaw dropped as she looked inside and saw all the pretty things. It was adorable.

Yesterday was a rough day at church. She was very tired and cranky, so I was trying to put her down for a nap. She was of course screaming and crying, but in the middle of her crying she still managed to find it in her heart to give me a kiss. Maybe she was trying to bribe me... "If I kiss you, will you let me go play?" She has been doing a lot of kisses lately. We were walking around walgreens and pretty much anything I handed her that had a face, she would kiss. She loves to kiss herself in the mirror, too.

Her walking has improved quite a bit, too. She is nowhere near Jack Jack's level of expertise of course, but she is walking around unassisted all the time now.

Grandpa came to visit for the weekend and got to spend a lot of time with us. Squirt was holding out on him for pretty much the whole trip. She's got a cold and isn't feeling to great so it was hard for her to open up, but she did give him a couple of cuddles when he was reading to her:


Also exciting is the new addition to our family, Frik's new girlfriend:


He actually compared the laptop to a perfect wife...

Alice and Duke in the tent (duke LOVES the tent...):


And here's one of Alice saying "Daddy"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


First of all, I want to say that I very strongly dislike my DVR. Before we moved in here, we had DISH and i loved their DVR and remote and everything about it... When we moved in here, we switched to Comcast because basic cable was included with our HOA fees. After about a year, we decided we really missed our DVR and decided to upgrade through comcast for an extra $15ish/mo...

Well... I really really don't like it. The quality of HD programming is lower than SD programming was on the basic cable. It's yucky. It freezes up often... it's not intutive and unpredictable.

That said, It's better than no DVR and cheaper than DISH or DirecTV or anything else since we will be paying the HOA regardless. I have really liked being able to keep a couple of kids shows on hand for Squirt (Little Einsteins is one of her favorites) and play them at any time.

So I'm wondering... What are your top DVR/Tivo'd shows? For me, it's probably Friends, Scrubs, and Jon & Kate plus 8. These are shows I wouldn't watch otherwise because they're either on at stupid times or I don't want to wait through commercials or both. There are also, of course, the shows that I would watch even without the DVR: House, Lost, Life on Mars, The Office... Almost a new show for every day of the week! So exciting :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You may all have seen this already...

but I thought that it was interesting:

Sukie accused me of having a "mommy blog". I have to admit that it is totally true! I can't help it. Since I had Squirt, my life revolves around her. I was even watching friends recently and thought that it was so stupid and unrealistic that after Ross and Rachael have their baby, nothing changes. There are a couple episodes that have Emma in them, but for the most part, nothing is different. Even in the series finale, Rachael is going off to Paris or wherever and Ross comes to the Airport and tells her he loves her blah blah blah... but there is no Emma anywhere around. Weird... I guess sitcoms don't typically aim for complete realism.

Anyway, back to the link... I know a lot of people aim for 1 year for breast feeding their baby and that is considered a long time. I've heard people who only want to for 6 weeks or 6 months or until the baby has teeth, etc... And then some people don't breast feed their babies at all. I'm of the opinion that whatever you choose to do with your baby is fine as long as he or she is healthy. I chose to breast feed Squirt to at least a year and in my mind have always thought that it would probably be more like 2 years, which is practically unheard of  in our society, but it's the decision that I feel is right for me and my baby.

There is, of course, the extreme:

Breastfeeding a child to 8 years old is definitely not something I would do... Even the 5 year old is much too old for me. They seem like an interesting family anyway. Doesn't seem like their kids ever have any candy or anything if you listen to how the older child describes the taste of breastmilk... However, she's not abusing the kids and so if she wants to do it... whatever. I'll try my best not to judge her. ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just wanted to share...

You know how in some kids shows, the characters talk to the kids (think blues clues or mickey mouse club house) Well the other day, I noticed that when the characters are obviously talking to the audience, Squirt responds with little questiony sounding comments. It is SO cute. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

3D Fun

Berserk & Val came into town this weekend for Theorb's wedding. Although they didn't make it down to Provo (next time you guys will have to come down here!) we did have fun hanging out with them at the planetarium and later at Theorb's wedding. We saw "fly me to the moon" (the 3d Imax version) and it was kind of cute but mostly annoying. It was Squirt's first 3D movie, though, and she did really well until the last couple minutes. When she'd actually keep the little glasses on and look at the screen at the same time, she was intrigued and would reach out in front of her to try to grab the picture. It was adorable.


Playing in the gift shop at the planetarium


Us forcing Squirt to choose between her 2 least favorite  people. With Berserk, I think it's a matter of proximity and her never seeing him. With Striker.... well... She just doesn't like him. Sorry Striker! She was doing better this weekend, though...


All the kids. This is The Boy's contemplative face.

She's been teething some more lately and so has been harder than normal to deal with. Today, when I was changing her diaper, she decided that she just had to give me a kiss and pulled herself up by grabbing my neck as I leaned over to talk to her and then gave me a sweet little baby kiss. She will get that idea from time to time. The first time I saw her spontaneously kiss something with out being prompted, it was the dog. The second one was The Boy (that one I ALMOST caught on camera) and then this time, it was me. :)


Squirt's first kiss! (The Boy is her FAVORITE person. She just thinks he's so hilarious)


Squirt posing with the happy couple. The reception was beautiful. :)


The other happy couple


Pretty baby princess!