Monday, February 9, 2009

3D Fun

Berserk & Val came into town this weekend for Theorb's wedding. Although they didn't make it down to Provo (next time you guys will have to come down here!) we did have fun hanging out with them at the planetarium and later at Theorb's wedding. We saw "fly me to the moon" (the 3d Imax version) and it was kind of cute but mostly annoying. It was Squirt's first 3D movie, though, and she did really well until the last couple minutes. When she'd actually keep the little glasses on and look at the screen at the same time, she was intrigued and would reach out in front of her to try to grab the picture. It was adorable.


Playing in the gift shop at the planetarium


Us forcing Squirt to choose between her 2 least favorite  people. With Berserk, I think it's a matter of proximity and her never seeing him. With Striker.... well... She just doesn't like him. Sorry Striker! She was doing better this weekend, though...


All the kids. This is The Boy's contemplative face.

She's been teething some more lately and so has been harder than normal to deal with. Today, when I was changing her diaper, she decided that she just had to give me a kiss and pulled herself up by grabbing my neck as I leaned over to talk to her and then gave me a sweet little baby kiss. She will get that idea from time to time. The first time I saw her spontaneously kiss something with out being prompted, it was the dog. The second one was The Boy (that one I ALMOST caught on camera) and then this time, it was me. :)


Squirt's first kiss! (The Boy is her FAVORITE person. She just thinks he's so hilarious)


Squirt posing with the happy couple. The reception was beautiful. :)


The other happy couple


Pretty baby princess!


  1. Great pictures, hilarious how the boy is dodging Squirt.

  2. Yay! Someone FINALLY left a comment on my blog!!! :D

  3. I look like such a psychopath in the picture w/ Squirt & Striker!

    You got a much better picture of the four kids at the planetarium than we did.

    We'll have to make sure that I see your house next time.

  4. I've seen pictures where you look more like a psychopath :D