Monday, February 23, 2009

Jaw Dropping Excitement

A couple of months ago, Frik and I bought Squirt some bangles to play with because she had taken to wearing the roll of packing tape around her wrist all over the place. She loved them, but they've been sitting in a tin in the bottom of her toy box for over a month now, so she forgot that she even had them.

Today, she wanted to play with Daddy's sunglasses, so instead I pulled out that tin because it had a pair of little kid sunglasses in it. When I opened the box, her jaw dropped as she looked inside and saw all the pretty things. It was adorable.

Yesterday was a rough day at church. She was very tired and cranky, so I was trying to put her down for a nap. She was of course screaming and crying, but in the middle of her crying she still managed to find it in her heart to give me a kiss. Maybe she was trying to bribe me... "If I kiss you, will you let me go play?" She has been doing a lot of kisses lately. We were walking around walgreens and pretty much anything I handed her that had a face, she would kiss. She loves to kiss herself in the mirror, too.

Her walking has improved quite a bit, too. She is nowhere near Jack Jack's level of expertise of course, but she is walking around unassisted all the time now.

Grandpa came to visit for the weekend and got to spend a lot of time with us. Squirt was holding out on him for pretty much the whole trip. She's got a cold and isn't feeling to great so it was hard for her to open up, but she did give him a couple of cuddles when he was reading to her:


Also exciting is the new addition to our family, Frik's new girlfriend:


He actually compared the laptop to a perfect wife...

Alice and Duke in the tent (duke LOVES the tent...):


And here's one of Alice saying "Daddy"


  1. And he slept with the new "girlfriend" the first night.

  2. It's true! He totally did! :( Poor wife...