Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You may all have seen this already...

but I thought that it was interesting:

Sukie accused me of having a "mommy blog". I have to admit that it is totally true! I can't help it. Since I had Squirt, my life revolves around her. I was even watching friends recently and thought that it was so stupid and unrealistic that after Ross and Rachael have their baby, nothing changes. There are a couple episodes that have Emma in them, but for the most part, nothing is different. Even in the series finale, Rachael is going off to Paris or wherever and Ross comes to the Airport and tells her he loves her blah blah blah... but there is no Emma anywhere around. Weird... I guess sitcoms don't typically aim for complete realism.

Anyway, back to the link... I know a lot of people aim for 1 year for breast feeding their baby and that is considered a long time. I've heard people who only want to for 6 weeks or 6 months or until the baby has teeth, etc... And then some people don't breast feed their babies at all. I'm of the opinion that whatever you choose to do with your baby is fine as long as he or she is healthy. I chose to breast feed Squirt to at least a year and in my mind have always thought that it would probably be more like 2 years, which is practically unheard of  in our society, but it's the decision that I feel is right for me and my baby.

There is, of course, the extreme:

Breastfeeding a child to 8 years old is definitely not something I would do... Even the 5 year old is much too old for me. They seem like an interesting family anyway. Doesn't seem like their kids ever have any candy or anything if you listen to how the older child describes the taste of breastmilk... However, she's not abusing the kids and so if she wants to do it... whatever. I'll try my best not to judge her. ;)


  1. That was like the most disturbing mommy-blog entry I've read yet. . . I blame the picture of the video. . . I won't watch it!!!

  2. When I was down in Brazil, I have actually seen 3-5 year olds walk up to their mothers, pull their shirts down, and nurse ... weirdest thing I've ever seen ....

  3. Yeah, I've seen that video. It's slightly disturbing, but as you said it's her choice. Although, I have to worry about the kids fitting in to normal society.

    Also, I did try the straightener curling trick from the video on my blog and ... yeah, no way that takes five minutes. Especially not with my tons of hair. I just curled the front and pulled the rest back, which looked all right. It's still an easy thing to do, just a bit time consuming. Easier and quicker than the curling iron though.