Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Don't you hate it when you can't fall asleep???

Yeah, that's where I'm at right now. I've been trying to go to sleep since 2, and now it's 3:15 and I'm still awake....

And Erik's not even online for me to talk to him for a few minutes then try again...

AND I have an 8:00 tomorrow morning....

I guess that's what happens when you sleep until 2 in the afternoon. :o|

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

all kinds of stuff

k, so i brought my laptop to my night class today to take notes, and I dont' think I've ever taken notes that were better organized. It was amazing, and i'm really pleased with it. So, needless to say, I think I'll be carting this thing around campus more often.

And I'm getting used to the keyboard. It seems like every laptop has a slightly different keyboard... you know, where the delete key (which I abuse) is, where home and end are... and I have to admit, I thought this had a weird layout at first, but now I kinda like it.

Frik and I rented the aviator tonight for date night. I fell asleep... and then I woke up and I said, "i have no idea what's going on" and he said, "neither do I"... apparently we are both pretty tired. Either that or Winter just makes you wanna sleep all the time. I'm voting on the second one. I think that you could sleep for 10 hours a night, take a 2 hour nap during the day, and still be tired by 10 pm. Ok, maybe not quite, but close. I don't know what it is about the dark and sleeping, but there's gotta be something.

Anyway, though... the part of the Aviator that I woke up to looked really good. We're gonna have to watch it tomorrow.

We went shopping yesterday for some Christmas presents. I let Frik open one of his early b/c it's a pair of pajama pants... and he's been complaining about how he doesn't have any pajama pants. So he opened that already. Then we saw something for Audrey (who one of us drew) and got it. It is going to be so awesome. I hope she doesn't think I'm nuts. (just so you know, Frik thought it was weird... but I said that that's all the more reason to get it for you:o))

So my religion were really good today. I have an 8:00 class that I was actually on time for... anyway, that one is new testament and I read every single word of the reading yesterday, which probably helped make this class so good. We're reading the 4 gospels in chronological order and, since it's the end of the semester, we're at the crucifixion. I love the teacher for that class. He's so smart... he speaks latin and greek and german and who knows what else, but he has his greek version of the new testament at the front of the class and when he reads any scriptures to us, he just translates it out of there. It's kindof funny, because the first few class periods, i didnt' know why he was reading so slow... and getting some of the words wrong... but then I figured it out. everyone needs to visit his homepage, because I almost died laughing the first time I saw it (make sure your speakers are on... there's music:

It's funny because some professors are really smart, and they make sure you know it... they are all cocky and only what they say is right... it drives me nuts, especially in religion classes. But br. rhodes is not cocky like that. He's a really good one.

In other news, Chief Niwot is doing well, but he looks so lonely in his empty tank... we've got the rocks, but they were in boggy's tank when he started getting sick... I boiled them, but i wanna bleach them before I put them into another fish's tank. Still don't have any bleach, though... :o)

well, time to sleep... I want to do a new layout some time. Mike Wazowski's getting a little old... :o)

Sunday, November 27, 2005


So, since it's been about a hundred years since my last post, I figured that Thanksgiving dinner would be a good place to start. It went really well. The food was good and a lot of people showed up (more than I expected). There were 17 people here, and if you haven't been to my apartment, we were probably close to the maximum occupancy. It was really fun, though. We had Turkey, Ham, Potatoes, Gravy, stuffing, grean bean casserole, rolls, and pie. So in any case, it was good.

One thing that was different about this thanksgiving (besides being in a different place with more than just the usual people) is that we didn't go around the table and say what we're thankful for! And since I know how much Maku loves that, I think I'll give everyone a chance to do that here.

Ahem. I'm thankful for... My family and friends... especially Erik. He's the new one, so I have to be the most thankful for him. He's really great and... aww... well I just love him (he's laying half on and half off the couch right now... asleep...) and I'm thankful for living in Utah where the job market is better than in Colorado, and I'm thankful for my apartment and that it's clean right now because my mom just came to visit. :o) I'm thankful for my visiting teachers letting me borrow the chairs so everyone would have a place to sit. Actually, I'm just thankful for them because they're such nice girls. I'm thankful for the church adn the opportunity it gives me to get to know people here, especially since the turnover in these apartment complexes next to campus is pretty high, it's nice to be able to get to know my neighbors before they move away. hmmm.... I guess that's the bulk of the things I'm thankful for right now.

So Sarah asked me to pick her up from the airport tonight and her flight was delayed and won't be coming in until 12:15, which means I won't be getting to bed until after 1. It's not a problem, though. I mean, after all the times that my friends have picked me up or dropped me off at different airports, it would be ridiculous if I didn't make a few trips up there once in a while, even if it is in the middle of the night. So, I'm just waiting until I need to leave, sitting on the couch watching "it's a wonderful life" with Erik... who is asleep... I love this movie. It's the first time I've watched it all year. My freshman year I swear I watched it every day in the dorms. Sarah hated it. (which is probably at least part of the reason I loved making her watch it with me so much...heheh...)

So, other than that... there are only a few weeks left of school before Christmas break. I'm really looking forward to some time off. Maybe I'll be able to work a bit over the break and get a little extra money. There was a big fiasco with the bank tying my overdraft protection to someone elses credit card, so when I noticed it, I called them up to see what was going on and now it turns out that we owe about $1000 more than I thought we did... so I'll have to work that out. Might have to take out a short term student loan for tuition next semester. It's just a 2 or 3 month loan from the university that I can pay in increments. It'll help things out a bit.

Oh, and I saw an old friend of mine from my german class last year at church today. She had her baby 6 months ago and he is so cute... his name is Jackson and he's got 6 or so inches of hair growing right out of the top of his head... but only the top, so it looks kindof like a comb over, but in reverse of how men usually go bald. Anyway, he's cute.

Well, I'm gonna take a nap before it's time to leave. I had a nice nap earlier today so I'll be fine, but just because I still have to wake up tomorrow for class... yeah...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Your Blogging Type Is the Private Performer

Your blog is your stage - with your visitors your adoring fans.
At least, that's how you write with your witty one liners.
And while you like attention, you value your privacy.
You're likely to have an anonymous blog - or turn off comments.

Friday, November 4, 2005


I registered for classes today and I got every single one that I wanted! Hooray!! So this is what I'm taking next semester: Geography, World Civilization to 1500, Child development, essentials of human nutrition, Physical Science B, and the Book of Mormon.

there are only two of those that don't fill a requirement for either my major or just general, and that's the nutrition one (which I'm taking b/c friend of mine @ work took and it sounds really interesting) and Book of Mormon, which counted for an general the first time I took it... but I didn't do very well in it b/c I never went to class... it was the second semester of my freshman year, which was a really sucky semester, so... I got a C- I think, and it's the only class that I feel like it'd be worth my time to bring my GPA up by .05 points to retake it. Because I know I'll learn something out of it again. Other classes I've retaken have been a waste of time b/c I was bored to death the second time. I'm really excited about my schedule.

Oh, and my TA announced in class this morning that there are 2 TA positions opening for that class (physical science 100A) and I really want to have one. The application for it is really lame, though... it doesn't ask any questions about me or anything... so I don't know what they do to choose the TA's... I'm figuring they must just throw all the applicaitons in a big bowl and pick two out randomly... Maybe I'll throw together a resume (since I can't find mine anywhere) and attach it with a cover letter.

Well, I'm gonna go find something to put together for dinner. You know how sometimes there's no food in the house, even though all the cupboards and the fridge and freezer are full? But there's still nothing to eat? How is that possible?

Oh, and PS: this is the laptop I want.... Averatec

So if anyone wants to get me a really expensive Christmas present, now you know. :o)

Thursday, November 3, 2005

High Dive

K, so yesterday, I was talking to Katiebear. I asked her what she was doing that night and she told me that she was going to the RB and jumping from the high dive. Apparently, for a creative writing class, they had to do something outside of their comfort zone and then write about it. So... I told her I'd go with her.... and I have never actually been to the pool in the RB, so I didn't know how high that platform really is.... wow.

So, she called me at 7:00 when she was about to go and asked if I still wanted to go. I said yes and got my stuff together and left. We jumped off of the low board, then the middle one, and then climbed up the stairs to the high one. It was so high... I've got to figure out how high b/c I have no idea... but anyway, It took me about 4 minutes to work up enough courage to just jump off, but I did it. It was weird because you're falling for a long time... really, compared to the other 2 boards, it was a really long fall... but it was fun and I'm glad i did it.

Then we worked back down and jumped off the lower two again, then we went home.

That's about all I've got to say for now...