Friday, November 4, 2005


I registered for classes today and I got every single one that I wanted! Hooray!! So this is what I'm taking next semester: Geography, World Civilization to 1500, Child development, essentials of human nutrition, Physical Science B, and the Book of Mormon.

there are only two of those that don't fill a requirement for either my major or just general, and that's the nutrition one (which I'm taking b/c friend of mine @ work took and it sounds really interesting) and Book of Mormon, which counted for an general the first time I took it... but I didn't do very well in it b/c I never went to class... it was the second semester of my freshman year, which was a really sucky semester, so... I got a C- I think, and it's the only class that I feel like it'd be worth my time to bring my GPA up by .05 points to retake it. Because I know I'll learn something out of it again. Other classes I've retaken have been a waste of time b/c I was bored to death the second time. I'm really excited about my schedule.

Oh, and my TA announced in class this morning that there are 2 TA positions opening for that class (physical science 100A) and I really want to have one. The application for it is really lame, though... it doesn't ask any questions about me or anything... so I don't know what they do to choose the TA's... I'm figuring they must just throw all the applicaitons in a big bowl and pick two out randomly... Maybe I'll throw together a resume (since I can't find mine anywhere) and attach it with a cover letter.

Well, I'm gonna go find something to put together for dinner. You know how sometimes there's no food in the house, even though all the cupboards and the fridge and freezer are full? But there's still nothing to eat? How is that possible?

Oh, and PS: this is the laptop I want.... Averatec

So if anyone wants to get me a really expensive Christmas present, now you know. :o)


  1. I hope you get the TA position :)

  2. Couldn't resist my laptop when you saw it, eh? Sure it's thin and sexy but the brain tends to slow after a bit of work (no...that was not supposed to be a derogatory statement :-D )