Sunday, June 17, 2007

Quarterly Update

Anyone who's been over lately, or has read Carolyn's blog knows that we're still living out of boxes. It feels like we're settling in for the long haul, which is a really scary thought. I'm prepared for it though, I've already got plenty of excuses :) My #1 problem is that I have a hard time working unless everyone else is too. It's something really juvenile that I just haven't been able to grow out of.
The good news is, we actually made a ton of headway the other day when Scribbles came over. Maybe we need to bribe her into spending another day over here cleaning things up. I just hope that by the next time we move I'll be making enough money to hire some Oompa Loompas to do all the work.
Speaking of making enough money.. I've finally gotten around to applying for a promotion at work. To be honest, I probably should have started applying months ago, but I figured that if I were going to even have a shot at getting the job I'd need to actually believe I deserved it. So, about a month ago I decided I could do the job at least as well as some of the current Tech 2's. Shortly thereafter, a position opened up, and I applied. Sometime this week we'll be finding out who got the job, but if history is any indication, then I won't be getting the job. Historically, you have to apply about 3 times before you're given serious consideration. It sucks, but thats office politics.
In other news, Mario Party 8 is awesome, LOST is still the best show ever created by man, and season 4 of the 4400 has gotten off to a great start.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


We installed our over the counter microwave today (and by we I mean Frik with about 20 seconds of my assistance). It looks nice, and It's nice to have the counter space cleared out. We actually have had our old microwave hooked up in the storage room b/c the kitchen has boxes and stuff all over it... so any time we wanted to cook something, we'd have to crawl into the storage to use the microwave. (the storage room is under the stairs with the Harry Potter type door).

Instead of unpacking all our stuff, we're getting used to living out of boxes. It's kindof ridiculous. We are starting to know which box all the important stuff is in. The worst thing is that we don't have any motivation to actually unpack. I decided that I hate moving, and that I'm only ever going to move 1 or 2 times again in my life... hopefully...

I guess not really much else to say. Trivia has been going well, for the 4 players or so that we have who are coming regularly. The winner so far is andreao. Congratulations!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Trivia for Funness!

I created a trivia game, thanks to Basilica at work. It should be fun, everyone who likes me, go to this site and register, and we can answer trivia questions every day.

You know you think it sounds fun...