Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I'm done with finals, which is a relief. Although, i missed one, just by being stupid. It was a total accident. I thought it was one week when it was really the week before... yeah it sucks. hopefully that won't hurt me too much. It's a class I really detested anyway.

I finished my shopping. I had 1 person left to buy for, and we finally bought it a few days ago. It's something he'll really like... (Chaelomen). Hopefully it'll come before friday, because that's when i think Daxsaito is leaving for CO, and we're sending it back with him. If it doesn't come, I'll just have to torture Chaelomen until it does. Here's a hint: it's old. hehe just kidding.

We went to the married student ward in our area last week. they meet at 8:30 instead of 9:00, and their time isn't changing with the new year b/c it changes at the beginning of the school year. nevertheless, i think we are going to stick with the student ward. Our current ward is nice an all, but there is no one there for me to be friends with. They're old and they didn't reall ever notice we were there. and since Sarah left and we moved out of the other ward, I haven't had a whole lot of femal friends to talk to. So we finally gave in and decided to start going to the student ward in our area. They were so much more on top of it. One couple came up to us after sunday school and asked us if we'd ever met because they didn't recognize us. they were very nice. We told them we were new, so they introduced us to the sunday school president who asked us if we had talked to the bishop about transferring our records to their ward. We hadn't so he told us where the bishop's office is, and gave us a questionnaire for new members of the ward (basically, it was the "do you play the piano" type stuff). It was really nice to feel like someone had noticed that we were there. The new ward also gets out a half hour or so before our old student ward meets, so we got to see some of our old friends. It was fun.

I've asked Frik to start working on a new layout for my blog. I'm not talented enough to do it myself. Everyone keep bugging him until we see it put up. I'm getting tired of Mike Wazowski. :)

We also went and hung out with frik's buddy and his wife a few days ago. It was fun. We played Monkey Ball on the Wii (the wife and I) and it was really fun. That game alone made me want to get a wii.


  1. So you're going to get a Wii??

  2. *gasp* did my wife just say she wanted a video game? :D

  3. Yes, Frik, there is a Santa Claus.

    Love you!


  4. Get to work, Frik! I'm still looking at Mike...

    Socializing in a mormon ward sounds like a vastly different affair than socializing outside of one. More forward, more efficient, but more businesslike. In a police department (which is basically a huge disfunctional family) we usually just make fun of each other, and then you hang out with whoever laughs at the same jokes that you do.

  5. Well, two out of the three wards I've been to in the past year and a half were very efficient. The ward we just left (which was a family/student/old person/everythingelse ward) was incredibly inefficient. I don't think anyone noticed we were there for a month and a half (except our landlord) and we didn't get home teachers/visiting teachers until 4-5 months after we got there. We also just got callings as substitute primary teachers about 6 months after we got there, and considering we were only going to be there for a year, maybe 2, as is typical with the students in family wards.

    I guess that it seems silly, but it's nice when you're not just one of the "young people" who all the old people know is going to leave soon, so they pretty much ignore you.

  6. I can't but help using a Utah accent when it comes to the word, "ward".

  7. That's about how I felt at the first (only) Mensa event I went to. It seems that most everyone there was old. They actually had a separate "kid's" table for the under 30 crowd. There were three of us. And the other two were a couple of snobs. Not the best impression to start off with, so I haven't really been back. Maybe when Berserk gets around to testing.

  8. Yeah... I'll get to that. I figure that when I finish with FTEP will be a better time to give it a shot. Six weeks of that to go (after this one).