Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Christmas book

So we went over to Frik's buddy's house the other day for dinner, and they gave us a christmas present! hehe... I guess a guy from Frik's buddy's company wrote a book and they used the software to do all the illustrations... correct me if that is wrong... but the final product was "Mr. Finnegan's Giving Chest". It's a pretty cute little story... kindof a typical christmas type story: the hard cover book with pictures and a moral (which I like, by the way...) Anyway, it's a good book and it's pretty. The illustrations are really nice!

Other than that... we went up to Frik's mom's to clean out the car today and take out the stereo. It was a little sad to take it all apart and when we drove home, there were no subwoofers, which sounded very sad. I love that car... but it'll be way better to have something with AC. We're going to finish paying this one off (with tax monies! woohoo Sukie!) and then go looking around. I found the reciept for Niwot Inn (the place we went on our honeymoon) under the drivers seat. That's been a good car... and it's gonna keep being good, since Frik bought it for $2500 and we will get around $4500 on a trade in. I love it!

Then, I've got a Physical science test this week and 2 papers due next week. :) gotta start working on them now so that I'm not up until crazy hours of the night the day before, killing myself for not doing them!


  1. Sounds like Frik knows where to buy cars.

  2. That's about right.

    The boss/co-founder of my company is the author. We also got Dick Van Dyke involved with the book so it comes with a CD of him reading it. The main character is also modeled after DVD

    That's my big claim to fame so far; We had DVD in the office and I got my Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Marry Poppins autographed.

  3. Dear Kevin & Cora... :)

  4. Dick Van Dyke is really old so I'm just gonna let that slide (but I'm warning yous...) :-D