Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Me? Of course!

So... Alice was sitting on the floor playing the other day, and she kept saying over and over, "Me? Of course!" and I have NO idea where she heard it or what she thinks it means. It was hilarious, though! I tried to catch it on video, but of course as soon as I started recording it, she stopped (typical) but you can at least see the idea of it:

We got that picture from our Pediatrician. He gave us a bunch of inspirational little posters like that with a story about some kids who had a picture of a sailboat in their room and they all grew up to be sailors, saying that we should fill our homes with inspirational art and music. It was really cute, but the art itself... not my favorite. Alice decided that she loves that one though and apparently thinks it's a picture of her, so I let her play with it.


  1. I love her!!! AHHHHHHHH I need my alice fix. LOL. When can we babysit again?

  2. you can baby sit on saturday if you want :D