Thursday, August 13, 2009

Uncle Daybid and Aunt Darah

Alice has the best aunt and uncle in the world. I've been getting a lot of migraines and David & Sarah have been coming around to take Alice and help me get prescriptions and bring medicine and just be great support. The other day, they showed up while we were sitting outside taking video of Alice anyway, so we were able to get her reaction to the surprise visitors:

Then yesterday, we were outside playing down the street when David and Sarah got here to take me to pick up some prescriptions, so David called me to let me know they were there. I asked Alice, "Do you want to go get uncle David?" And she got excited and said, "yeah!" and got up right away to go home. While we were walking home, she was saying "Darah, Darah!" and then "Daybid!". She just loves them so much!

Today is Erik and my 4th anniversary, so Alice gets to stay with David and Sarah all day. I hope that she's good and has fun! I also hope that the surprise plans that Erik has for me work out and that I don't have too terrible of a migraine. Bleh...


  1. Happy Anniversary!! :)

  2. that's just adorable :)

  3. Sadly, the surprise plans didn't work out... Instead i got an MRI which was very exciting, and everything came out normal. After that, we went to Outback instead of the Melting Pot which is what Erik had planned, and we came home to watch burn notice :) Woo hoo 4 years!

  4. Yes happy anniversary! We'll take her when you don't have migraines and really want to do melting pot! She was so fun last night!

  5. What a cute video! Love you!