Thursday, May 14, 2009

A couple new tricks...

One of Squirts favorite things to say lately is, "Duke, NO". Of course, it's usually as she's shoving some piece of food in his mouth, but sometiems she just walks around the house saying it. He looks so sad when he hears it so I try to tell him he's a good boy. She also has another new favorite word: poke. She LOVES poking people, including herself, and poking bubbles and poking anything. She'll poke on command, too. If I say, poke shawna, she'll walk over and poke her. It's funny. I don't even know where she learned the word from, but it's cute.

Frik and I have been going to the gym together and leaving her in the free (thanks to my VIP membership) daycare. It's been good for us to be able to do something togther, but she hasn't been enjoying the daycare very much. They actually had to page me back to pick her up today b/c she was so sad. When I got there, I asked her if she was hungry and she said, "mMMmm" so we got her some food and she was much happier. She's been doing really well with communicating lately. She told me that her shoe was falling off by saying "shoes stuck" while we were walking into Costco the other day, and when she's hungry or wants something, she will say no when I offer everything until I get to what it is that she wants. It's fun, but it'll also be nice when she knows a couple of other words so she can tell me straight out what she wants instead of playing the guessing game. :)

She's also realized that it's funny to lie. I asked her if she pooped and she said yes, so I went to change her diaper and there was no poop, which she thought was hillarious. silly girl.

We had an all you can eat sushi party on tuesday with Sukie, Wudan, Striker, and some of the fish friends. I was really looking forward to it and was very happy with the sushi, but I realized that all you can eat sushi isn't really that great of a discount because you only end up eating 2 or so rolls anyway, and that'd cost anywhere from 15-20, which is the price of the all you can eat... But you can get more variety with the all you can eat and not even feel guilty looking at the prices, so that's a bonus. I guess that we're going to make the sushi night a monthly tradition. mmm... looking forward to that. And Squirt loves the shrimp, so I know she'll enjoy it, too!


  1. What's this nonsense of eating only 2 rolls!!! an outrage!!!

    also, do fish people feel guilty eating fish? if they don't, they probably should.

  2. They definitely should!

    Next time you'll have to come with us so that I can eat all the different varieties. That's another benefit of the all you can eat. I'll also have to make sure I'm hungrier. :)