Monday, November 23, 2009

As Promised

Here is my post about Disney World. I know it was a couple months ago now. I guess I have been hesitant to update thinking that at any time, erik's server will be deactivated and anything I add will just be deleted anyway. Really, he hasn't been working there for a couple months so I'm not sure why they have not deleted stuff off of his server but whatever. I believe we have a back up copy of everything up to his last day on our computer...

So Disney world was very fun, but also very different with a toddler. If she didn't eat, then she would be VERY cranky, and it was hard to get her to get enough food and sleep well because she was so distracted and excited. Some of the time while we were there, I felt like we were wasting time because she was taking a nap or we weren't able to move as fast or what not, but overall, it was good. I can't expect her to go at the same speeds as we normally would anyway.

She LOVED the characters. We had to hold her back until it was her turn to give them a hug. Here's a little montage of her running to see them:

She came to love her stroller too, because it meant that we were going bye bye. By the last day we were there, she went over to the door and got in her stroller and said, "Bye Bye?" which made me a little sad.

Just over a month later, Alice and I went back to Florida for my parents' time share on cocoa beach. It was awesome. I felt a little silly going back to FL so soon after i had already been, but it was nice and warm and the beach was fun and we got to go to the Disney parks about every other day. We almost got to see a launch at the Kennedy space center, but it got postponed to the day after we left Cocoa (you can see the space center from the condo).

Alice had a hard time sleeping in the condo, so she developed her own routine. First she would bring a bunch of toys into the bathroom and throw them in the tub and say, "I'm ready. Bath" Then she realized that it was fun to have grandma push her up and down the walkway while holding "cookie man" (a gingerbread cookie stuffed animal that we picked up for her b/c I had neglected to bring anything cuddly for her) and drinking chocolate milk. We left the stroller in the car one night when we got back and as she was getting ready to go on her walk up and down the walkway, she said, "where stroller go?"

She also bonded with her "friends" which is a set of bath toys we got for her on the first trip. There are Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Dopey, Hercules, and Pinnochio (who she calls Dokie Doo)

The ocean was interesting because she was really loving the water until a wave came up a little too high and got her in the face. Then the water was "scary" not fun. Just like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Norway ride. If you asked her if it was fun or scary, she'd say "scary".

I also met up with an old friend from freshman year while i was over there, which was awesome. I haven't seen her for years and we just had fun talking and listening to a HORRIBLE cover artist at the bar that you can hear from our balcony and deciding to go for a walk on the beach in the middle of the night where no one could hear you scream, then seeing a guy sit up and then stand up and look like he was going to follow us as we were running away... yeah worst idea we've ever had...

Thanks to Mom and Dad for making our second trip possible. :)


  1. Seriously? Watching Alice run towards all the characters is absolutely adorable. Aidan was a little jealous, I think.

    Thanks for updating! :)

  2. Next time, Aidan will have to come. We're thinking we should do Disney Land and all the CA stuff (sea world, lego land, etc...) in a couple years, of course. Maybe when Michael is done with school or at least on some kind of break.

  3. It was our pleasure, sweetheart. And definitely next time we need Aidan (and Asher) to be there.

    Love you.