Saturday, October 8, 2005

Bettas, Pad Thai, etc...

So today was a good day... I didn't get a whole lot of work done, but i did a lot of other good stuff, I think.

So, since i haven't written for a while, i guess I'll start out by saying that Sarah got her mission call and that she's going to Spain. I'm really happy for her but I cried when i looked at her packet of stuff because I realized that I see her almost every day and that we are together all the time... and I said, "what am I going to do all day if you're gone?"... And it didn't help any that I was at a highly emotional time of the month, but really... It's going to be weird not having her here. I mean, I've practically lived with her for the past 2 years. (some of it was real living with her, but she's assumed the role of honorary room mate since I got married)... anyway, though... My only consolation is that she's going to get rid of most of her clothes before she leaves and I get to go through the pile... hehe... and that Frik and I are planning on going to Spain when she is done to pick her up. I think her dad's going to come too. it'll be cool. We're going to do a European vacation thing... already saving up for it. :)

Anyway, though, I've been trying not to be a baby about the whole thing because I don't want the last few months that I have with her to be spent moping around. So that's why today started out as a good day: I went over to her apartment and we watched a movie while she made some flower tea stuff and I ate popcorn then fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up, she was gone and one of her roommates was there and it took me a good 15 minutes to remember that she had asked me if she could use my car to go grocery shopping... I must have said yes... :) anyway, so when she came back, she had pad thai and we ate that for lunch and then I went and took a religion test at the testing center. I got a 48% (which isn't as bad as it sounds... the professor told us that a 60 or 65% is usually the high, and since he curves them, I'll probably end up with at least a B- or C+) Then on my way out, I saw my brother and Sarah, we went to the grocery store, and came home and had rootbeer floats, while I cleaned the apartment. I got down on my hands and knees and mopped the floor and everything. (I opted out of buying a mop a few months ago since we only have about 7 square feet of linoleum)

So then Sukie, the boy, Antigone, and Theorb came down and delivered my betta fish... I'm still trying to think of a new name for him. I think his name right now is Aiko or Aika... but I want something new. He's kindof red, so maybe I'll name him Rusty Jr. (in memory of the late Rusty aka Mr. Boggy Toppinsworth who died on the drive over from colorado)

It was fun having all of them down here. I went to the bakery and picked up some brownies for Sukie and then they went to the mall to find Meryl and see if she was working. They came over after that and we ordered pizza and talked and watched some TV. It was funny... The Boy was looking at my box of beads (oh, btw, I've picked up a new hobby of making little bracelets with those tiny glass beads). Anyway, so the boy was looking at it and kindof shaking it, so I went over and gave him a piece of string and let him pick out some beads to string onto it. I ended up stringing them all on because they were really small and he was having problems getting them on. I kindof wondered if his eye was making it hard to tell the depth or maybe not... they are tiny and kindof hard to string anyway. So he would tell me which ones to put on and then he started talking about how it was an, "a, b, b, a" pattern or an "a, b, a, b" pattern or whatever. It was funny. We spilled beads all over, but it's ok.

It was kindof weird... well, not weird... but it was i don't know the word for it... Well, Theorb and Antigone are my oldest brothers friends originally, and then Wudan and Sukie are my next oldest brothers' friends... well, no scratch that. Theorb and wudan are my brothers friends, but I think I met Antigone and Sukie before any of the rest of my family, but regardless, It kindof felt like I was hanging out with my brothers friends. Especially since when I was littler, I idolized my brothers and their friends. I thought that Berserk, Theorb, and... Paul... were the coolest people on the earth and it's weird now that they're more of real people... and weird that i was hanging out with them without my brothers... you know, getting older kindof closes the age gap. But it wasn't weird bad, and it wasn't like they were treating me like a little kid, it's just hard to get out of the mindset that I grew up in.

So then Sukie, Antigone, and I went to Walmart and bought some new tanks for my Bettas. They're gallon size and they look nice on my entertainment center. I think Chief Niwot likes the space. I need to get some more rocks, though. I like the pink and black ones from the receptions, so maybe when my mom comes here in a few weeks she can bring some??? :o)

Well, I guess that's the end of the novel....



  1. Hope you like the new betta!! I'm wonder if he's tail will be different than the Chief's. . .

  2. I like the name betty.... but that's my betas name.

    Hey guess what I did last night... I applied for a disney internship. well, I'm gonna go get ready for class... talk to you later

  3. What kind of internship?

  4. that's cool... I wanted to do that freshman year. It's where you go to disney world and either be a character or a ride operator, right?

  5. lol, what kind of internship is that :) sounds like a vacation, to me. You'd spend most of the day, standing around at Disneyland. Only difference would be, after 2 or 3 hours, the tourists are on the ride, and your still standing :P They should let the people waiting in line operate the rides. That would kill two birds with one stone, and it might speed things up a bit too.

  6. You'll have to remind me about those marbles... Love you!


  7. I don't really know why, but for some reason I felt like answering the question of "what kind of internship" on berserks page.... so I'll just give the shortened version here...

    Pretty much I'd do whatever disney wants me to and I'd live in disney world....

    so that's the incredibly shortened version, but the kindof longer version is on berserks page....