Thursday, October 13, 2005

weird test scoring

So that test that I got 48% on, yeah I found out what grade that's gonna be.... it's a C. But I'm not even done there. He lets us retake the test and get all the answers that we got wrong right (for a half point each). I'll study a bit for it then take it on monday. It's funny, though... there were 153 questions, and if you get 94 or more right, you have an a... 84 or more is a B, etc etc... he's nuts, really!

Even though he's got amazingly difficult tests, he's still one of the best religion professors I've had. And he is very fair about it... you know, they're tough, but however well we do, he's going to give us what we deserve...


  1. That sounds like my Stats class. . . he let up make up the points too.

  2. Does a religion class at BYU cover multiple religions, or just mormonism?

  3. The religion classes are things like: Book of Mormon, church History, New Testament, Old Testament, Teachings of the living Prophetes, Understanding Isaiah, etc etc etc....

    There are other religion classes like, "Judaism and the Gospel" and "Islam and the Gospel" and... there's one about a bunch of other religions and how they compare to mormonism, but I don't remember what it's called...

    Anything at BYU, though, is going to be taught with a mormon perspective because it's a private LDS university.

    There's actually a lot of controversy between students here. It seems that there are two factions: those who think that religion classes and tests for them should be easy (testimony based) and those who don't (fact based). The first group's main argument is that it's religion and you can't grade on religion. The second group's argument is that it's not a sunday school class--you're there to learn the facts--so you should be graded on it. That's the group I fall into. I figure, if we chose to come to BYU, we chose to take religion classes (they're required to graduate), and thus we chose to learn the little facts about the books of the gospel or the LDS religion in general. I think that while religion classes CAN be very spiritual, that is not their purpose. they are here to teach the facts, not build testimonies. By learning the facts, however, my testimony is strengthened, but you still have to remember that it's a university class, not an assesment of your faith.