Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas and stuff

i guess I'm just not so good at the whole updating thing.

right now I'm still in Colorado with the family. Erik went home on Wednesday (for work) and I stayed here to visit with them for a few more days. Christmas was really fun. The nephews are funny little guys. They both got so excited. It's really cute. They got a couple of dumb games, but they're fun to play with. I've been playing Mario Kart and "whac a mole". It was funny, too, that a few days after Christmas, Andrea was making guacamole, and one of the boys said, "mom, it's called whack a mole". They're funny little guys.

Other than that, it's been good to see the rest of my family. I don't think I've ever spent so much time with Andrea. (Especially since back when they got married I was only... hmm... how old was i? 13?) And way back then i thought she was pretty cool... but I didn't really know anything about her. And now that I'm a bit older, I've decided I like her. :o) Good Job, Jason. heh...

I also went up to Berkley and said hi to all the old co-workers. I brought my wedding album, too, and showed off the pictures. it was fun. Not everyone was there, though, since it was the day after the day after christmas, which is technically (in the working world) the day after christmas since everyone got the day after Christmas off... ramble ramble ramble...

Oh, and yesterday, Michael's car broke down... mom was incredibly worried. See, he was supposed to get off work at 2:30 (and usually gets off a long time before that) but it was about 10:30 and he still had not come home. So David, Dad, and I all went out in seperate cars looking for him. We ended up calling his boss, who is a friend of the family, and found out that he was last seen at the westminster mall, so from there we found his car across the street at Barnes and Noble.... anyway, it turns out he decided not to tell anyone that his car had broken down, but instead to walk home (about 10 miles) and not only that, but not to leave Barnes and Noble until 10:30 at night. So Jason decided it'd be a good idea to call the cops and have them help us look for him. I think he really just wanted to get his name in somehow with the police department... hehe... anyway, we found him and then we all made fun of him and told him he's a dummy for not calling.

And I've spent a little time with the Olstens and the Akinas. It's been fun. But now I've got another Holiday to think about. I'll be flying back to UT on New years eve, and then Frik is gonna... well I don't know, but he better have some good plans for us.

And then the next "holiday" is my birthday! woo hoo! ... not that it really means anything, except that I can legally go to a bar (if I ever had any reason to... and since there are so many bars in Provo...) But it will hopefully be fun. Maybe some wonderful husband of mine will take me out or something???

Anyway, I've got the eternal cold. not sure if I caught it in UT or from my sister when I got here, but I have it, so I'm trying to sleep as much as possible. hopefully I'll be able to kill it. so... I guess that's it for now. :)


  1. I have a cold and it seems like an eternal one. going on 3 weeks now and im still hoarse and funny sounding. Hope yours doesnt last that long.

  2. Did you get my xmas card??? I did send you one!!:D

  3. heh... no I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm not home to see if I got one yet. :)

    I was gonna be mad at you if Lorna got one and my parents got one but I didn't. Hehe...

  4. I didnt get one. Whats up with that?

  5. I don't even know who the hell you are. . . .

  6. ya you do! the name is anothe form of mine it will only let me sign in this way

  7. It should let you sign in as "other" without a password.

  8. It's been fun to have you around.

    I think being a cop gives you a different idea of when to call the cops. We'd call more for some things, less for others.

  9. TEN miles? It was more like 20!