Wednesday, December 21, 2005


People keep badgering me to post again, so I guess that maybe I will... :o)

Well... friday is the "Smithmas" party. Erik and I are in charge of the appetizers portion of the progressive dinner. We made cheeze balls and we're gonna make apple cider and little smokies. hehe...

Oh, so I applied for a job a while back that looked really good. Then I went for my interview and I wasn't so sure... it seemed a little weird. They had a group interview where we all played some dumb games then they took us out one at a time and asked us 2 questions: Why were we more qualified for the job than any one else, and besides us, if two other people in that room were to get the job, who should it be?.... I was kindof wondering if that's how they were doing their hiring. Playing Survivor so they wouldn't have to pick anyone. Well, there were 10 or so people in my little group and they were having 3 more interview sessions... hiring 5 people. My chances were not too great, but after that interview, I was kindof disheartened anyway... the people that were doing the hiring were really fake. It seemed like they were trying to be all cool and that they'd be the most awesome people to work for, but they were not very nice. Plus, the job seemed a lot more involved than I wanted to do. It was 40+ hours during the summertime, and most of that would be running around making sure the summer campers had popsicles. Anyway, I got an email a little while back and I wasn't chosen to continue in the interview process... but I really wasn't all that dissappointed (or shocked).

So I'm still on the great job hunt... I found one online (the BYU student employment website) that was for a transcriptionist (is that a word?) for the history department. I guess the job is to transcribe oral interviews. They want someone who can type 70 WPM. I took the office skills test today and I'm at 72 with 98% accuracy (and I looked at all my errors... they're the ones that Microsoft word corrects automatically. Thinks like "an dthen" instead of "and then") So I think I might have a pretty good chance.

There are others too. I'm mostly looking at clerical/secretary stuff... Where I've got the most experience, and probably one of the easier jobs. answer phones... type... whatever.

On Saturday, Frik and I are leaving for CO. We're going to get out of here as early in the morning as we can. We've been checking the weather and it should be ok. I-80 is supposed to be clear, anyway.

Well, is that enough of an update for all of you guys??? geez... :o)


  1. Have a fun time in CO - woman!!

  2. Thank goodness you posted! I was wondering if your computer was broken. :) See you soon!


  3. well... now we want to hear about christmas!