Wednesday, March 15, 2006


So... my GPA sucks. It's not good enough for me to apply for my major, which is really frustrating. And I've been trying to get it up for a while. It only has to be 2.85 for me to apply, but it's 2.67 now, and I've been retaking classes I really slacked off in (because I know that the reason I have any bad grades is because I'm a slacker), but it wasn't going anywhere. So, I was looking at stuff, and a few semesters ago... actually, last winter semester, I had to withdraw from a few classes for medical reasons, and I had a doctors recommendation and everything. I randomly typed one of the withdrawn classes into the GPA calculator, where you can see what your GPA would be if you re took a class and enter the grade you might get... and it turns out that those 'W's are just as bad as 'E's (the BYU equivalent of 'F'). so, next fall I'm retaking a few classes: Korean (which I got a D in b/c I never never went... I think I may have gone 10 times the whole semester, and the class met every day. The only reason I actually passed was b/c my brother was taking a class that semester from the same teacher, and that teacher fell in love with him and they became best friends. So he passed me, too... weird) And I'm also retaking a german literature class, 3 credits of a W. If I get a B in each of those classes, I will bring my GPA up to 2.99 instead of 2.67 and I'll finally be able to move on... considering I will be done with my generals after this semester (besides one history class that I will take with my Korean and German classes).

I'm excited. I feel like I'm just going to school, not doing anything... now maybe I'll be able to get somewhere. I should be able to apply for the major at the end of next fall semester, to start the program winter semester. Which means I'll be student teaching in a few years... weird.

Anyway, that's what I realized today and it made me happy to know that I can finally fix my GPA. (not what I'd like it to be, yet... I would like to have a 3.5, because I know that I could... but I dont' think that'll happen, b/c I'd have to retake a lot of classes to bring it up that much... but I can get it to a 3.05 before the end of next fall semester.)


  1. ...I seriously miss classes and school down here....

  2. Wow. I'd think that'd be the last thing you missed.

    Then again, I've never really been to college. If you count the academy, I occasionally feel a little nostalgic for that...

  3. I fell into the 'W' trap, too, with a few classes in my college career. The things they don't tell you can really screw you over. Of course, I failed some classes, too, and that also screwed me... Whew, I'm really glad to be out of school.