Sunday, March 12, 2006

Who needs sleep?

I do... but it doesn't look like I'll be falling asleep any time soon... I've been laying in bed for about an hour, listening to Frik snore (not that he's keeping me awake, but I am jealous that he can sleep and I can't). So I decided to come out here and clean up the apartment. And update.

I went over to Meryl's yesterday and went around with her and Canoe. We ended up going to a fabric store, and I actually bought something (which is kindof scary, because I'm not exactly a talented seamstress...) It's pretty simple. I want to make an apron,which should be fairly easy. The fabric I got is really cute. I'm excited.

other than that... not much going on. Two of our guppies died. Well 3 total, but two recently. And the first one didn't so much die as "disappear". Can't find a single remain of him. I think the other guppie in his tank may have eaten him. gross.

I taught sunday school today. It was pretty nerveracking. I want to do it again, though, to help me overcome that weakness/ fear. I'm not sure what it is, but something about standing up in front of people and trying to teach is difficult. I read and studied the material the day before, but when I got up to teach, suddenly everything I looked at in the manual or scriptures was foreign. Didn't understand any of it. Oh well. I guess it went ok. Frik said that the only problem was that I wasn't confident at all. Everyone kept telling me I was doing fine, but I would stand there one minute and not know what I was talking about the next... it was frustrating. I'm going to ask one of the teachers to let me do it again. :o)

lets see... Oh, Bridget is coming over for her spring break. That should be fun. I hope I can think of something interesting to do with her, otherwise she will be bored after 3 days, I'm sure. :o)

time to clean and then try to sleep again!


  1. Guppies. . .are a mystery! The only person that I know had them successful is Canoe. . .

  2. I dont know if being blessed with baby guppies is a success

  3. I love teaching sunday school... if that were a job I'd want it.. which I guess means I should graduate from institute, and then try and get sister butler's job. that would be amazing. I can't believe bridget picked provo over disney world... curses...

  4. What?? she had a chance to go to disney world instead of Provo, and she picked Provo??

    I've always thought there was something wrong with that child...


  5. You know what? With as many times as I've spilled food on myself in the kitchen you'd think I'd get an apron or something. The thought just never occurred to me for some reason.