Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Grass and Hail

or is it Hale... probably Hale, but now that it says Grass and Hail, i think that could be something symbolic and meaningful, so I can't go change it now. heh...

so it haled and snowed last night, and now it's raining. So weird... i don't mind it, b/c i know it'll all be melted in a few days. It reminds me of colorado snow, when colorado snows in march. It's pretty much gone already, so hopefully it'll be sunshiney tomorrow or the next day.

Also, we dug up some dead yellow grass that duke killed and replaced it with seed. there were a lot of places that had to be replaced. hopefully duke stops peeing soon so we don't have to replace any more grass before we leave. probably not gonna happen. It's a lot of work to replace grass. You have to dig out all the dead grass, loosen up the top 2-3 inches of soil, and then spread the seed and water it about 2x a day for 2 weeks. suck... oh well.

other than that, I just can't wait to close on the house... i can't believe we've got another full month before we get to start moving. once I get a free minute or two, we should really start packing up our stuff and getting it ready to move over.

Other than that, I had a paper on this book called, "No contest" due today. It's an interesting book. the main point is that americans compete too much and that if we eliminated that sense of competition, we would be a better society. it's very idealistic, and more than slightly socialistic... but interesting none the less. We apparently have a created scarcity in our society. We are always trying to be the best, when we really can just concentrate on being good. It's hard to explain, but before i read the book, i thought it would be interesting and have a lot of good points... i guess i thought I would be in favor of what is presented in the book... but after reading it and how poorly the auther supports his views, I feel more republican than ever. No more taxes!!! (heh...ahem...)

Maybe this post really is about grass and hail...


  1. We have to do the same thing for our yard.

    If you need boxes let me know! I've got a ton.

  2. Sweet! We will need boxes!

  3. I'm all about the competition, but there's got to be a balance. You can't compete with everybody- there's got to be people on your side. Eliminating the competetive urge would probably be even worse than competing with no allies, though.