Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paint Party!!!

I know you all are super pumped for the awesome paint part that will be taking place MAY 12TH!!! do not miss out! we will have an exciting round of "tape off the trim" followed by a short break, and then we'll roll it all on. Then we'll buy everyone pizza.

Sound too good to be true? well it's not. I swear it's for real.

Seriously, though, any help you can muster up would be appreciated. we're gonna be painting our entire house (inside, not outside) and pretty much just have the one weekend to do it all in, so we'll need LOTS of friend power.

disclaimer: this party will not be taking place if for any reason the sale of the house falls through


  1. well I'll be huge and pregnant, or slightly skinnier and have a baby. Who knows!

  2. If you can throw in plane tickets and do it on a Wednesday, then I'm in.

    Not holding my breath for that. ;)

    Good luck anyway.

  3. heh... that'd be cool if we had that kind of money. :)

  4. If you had THAT kind of money, you'd hire someone to paint for you. :)

    Love you!