Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So squirt started doing this inchworm-esque crawl where she sticks her bum up in the air (similar to the downward facing dog yoga pose) and then scoots her hands forward to ultimately propel her body forward 3 or 4 inches. It was adorable, but it didn't last. I got a little video of it, though:

She has, instead, progressed to more of an army man crawl where she's actually pulling herself forward with her arms. My favorite part is when she looks like she's revving up. She's also started crawling to her toys than rolling over on her back to play with them once she's there:

It's also pretty fun to take a bath in the big kid bath tub!


Here's one more where she's eating her little heart shaped cheerios:

I love my little Squirt!

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