Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Pincher

Alice has started developing her hand movements lately which means that she is pinching. She may be small, but don't let that fool you. She pinches hard. She even made Jack Jack cry while we were in town visiting.

Her pinching practice has paid off, though. She has been able to feed herself cheerios or little pieces of pancake or whatever small foods she can find now for a couple days. It's so cute to see her concentrating on it so hard, too!

She almost took a dive off of the bed the other day, which Frik was promptly scolded for by a worried mother for putting her on the bed and walking away. She's been enjoying playing with all the extra people here (Guildylocks' family is staying with us for about a week). She's getting better at walking (while holding on to something). She pulled herself up when frik sat her in her crib to play, and then walked over towards the end of the crib that he was closest to. She also pulled herself up and then let go of my hands and stood by herself for about 2 seconds, which was more of an accident, but it was kind of exciting.

Other than Alice news, we've been looking at getting a new car and selling our current one. Frik came up with the idea and then the next day it seemed like nothing was going right with the car anymore. No mechanical problems, but it's just a bunch of little things that are getting on our nerves. So we went to the credit union to get approved for a new loan so we could just tell the dealership that we had our own financing, and when we came out, Frik went to put the key in the drivers side to unlock the door, and the tumbler had been pushed into the door. It looks like someone jammed it in while trying to put the wrong kind of key in or something, which is just great. Someone tried to steal our car. Good timing, though. If there was ever a good time to have your car stolen, it's when you're getting financing to replace it.

No new car yet, but we've found a few that we like. The dealer was a scum bag though.

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  1. Car dealer AND scumbag? How does he juggle his options like that?