Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is that a challenge!??!

Yes, it is. For those of you who enjoyed my short lived "couch to 5k" idea, here's a new challenge that I'm taking up with frik: One Hundred Pushups Now, in my defense, the c25k thing was hard because I couldn't really leave the house and frik couldn't go with me so we had weird scheduling problems... not to mention my friend that BAILED on me... I have started that up again; I'm in week 1.

So, who's in on the 100 pushups? Frik is totally doing it and I was surprised that I could actually do I think 12 pushups. I thought I was WAY weaker than that (not that 12 is a lot. Do I even want to know how many Berserk can do?)

In other news, I started watching Fringe. It's pretty good. Kind of creepy but interesting. Really, it wasn't what I was expecting from JJ Abrams, but I have been enjoying it. We'll see how it goes. Also saw the first couple episodes of the new season of House, which I love.

I made some salsa the other day. Last time I made salsa, I used a habanero and i deseeded the whole thing and it was so not spicy that I ended up using a couple serranos too to try to bring up the spice. It still was pretty weak (and I don't really care for hot salsa, I'm more for the flavor, which is why I love habaneros and pretty much hate jalapenos). So this time, I bought 2 habaneros and did not deseed them at all... well that was a mistake.

Wudan can attest to the spiciness and he didn't even try it until after I added an extra 3 tomatoes, a can of diced tomatoes, and a can of tomato sauce to try to mild it out. We all thought berserk would like it though. It had a great flavor, but the burning on my tongue was pretty bad. Next time: 2 habaneros, deseeded, and we'll go from there.


  1. Habaneros are hotter than jalapenos. If you want mild, I think you need to go for the poblanos. Those add flavor, but not heat. They're what you use for chili rellenos. Serranos would be a decent choice too.

    Love you!


  2. the salsa was super good but pretty hot even after all of the other add ins!

  3. Yeah, I really really like the flavor that habaneros have, so if I deseed them, i think it's great... but... not deseeded... ouch.

    Serranos I think are too jalapeno esque in flavor, but that's ok if you're looking for jalapeno flavor. I like the jarred jalapenos, but they're more like spicy pickles

  4. I usually don't eat pickled jalapenos. The vinegar just overpowers the peppers, and they taste kinda gross.

    Habaneros have a great flavor, but you have to fight your way through some heat to get there. I'd try your salsa.

    Oh, and pushups. Honestly, I didn't know how many I could do (I haven't done that many since the academy), so I gave it a try. For the record, I can do 35 on a full stomach. Count me in on the 100 pushups program, sounds like fun.

  5. sweet! by the end of the challenge I'll be as strong as Berserk! ;)

  6. hah- I don't know if fun is the word I would use berserk :)

    Levi did/ is doing the 100 push up program... he likes it. Count me in!

  7. Woo Hoo! Just FYI, I have a link to the left for the push ups logger, which is just a way to keep track of how many you've done. :)

  8. sweet, I'll do it. I like the thought of having strength. haha

    also, I love salsa. we should have a salsa making day for Christmas Eve haha.

  9. totally. Leave chips and salsa for santa. :)

  10. chips and salsa for santa seems more appropriate coming from our family...