Wednesday, September 17, 2008


That's right. 2. on the bottom. She got one a few days ago and then I felt the other one today. She's been really good. She's drooling a lot more than usual, and right before the first one and for a day or so after, she was in a lot of pain, but now she's doing fine. We'll see if any more pop through. They're such cute little teeth! too bad I can't see them because she's always got her tongue out. Ever since the teeth grew in, she's been stickign her tongue out. I think she likes how the teeth feel on her tongue: 


She was crawling around and chasing and laughing at duke today, so he got a little excited and started acting like he was going to play with her. He ran and got his ball and started jumping up and down. I told him no since he was getting a little too rowdy, and he dropped his ball and looked down at the ground like he was so humiliated that he had gotten out of control. Then she put her head up against his neck and cuddled with him and he started licking her ears like he only does to people he really loves. It was so sweet. She loves her doggy! 



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