Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Codorado Wedding!

We drove over to colorado last weekend for a high school friend's wedding. A drive that normally takes 8 hours took nearly 10 because of a sick, fussy baby. She had a fever for a couple days before the drive, then the day before, the fever had been gone for almost 24 hours and this rash showed up. We took her to the Dr. who told us that it was Roseola Infantum and that it was no longer contagious. She'd only ever get it once and then she'd have the immunities, so that's good to know. Here she is being all sick and tired before we left:

img_0200_2.jpgRegardless, though, it made the drive suck rocks.

We stopped in Ghettoville to visit Archie and eat at OTB, which was awesome. Seriously, if anyone is interested in moving to utah and starting up a restaurant, I'd be eternally grateful if the restaurant was an OTB. We then went to Archie's house and washed off our guacamole baby. I made the comment of the century when talking to archie's room mate... seriously, if you've heard bad things about someone's boyfriend, don't say, "you must be the boyfriend i've heard so much about".

We then went down to t town and stayed at my parents. We slept on their mountain bed. Seriously, that thing is weird. usually a bed will sag in the middle after years of being slept on, but not theirs. I had to put a pillow on the edge of the bed to keep from rolling off. I was sad that they were out of town, but it was better than the futon.

We spent some time on saturday with friends and then went up to MJ's parents' house and hung out there for a while. Then we got sweet pizza with Berserk and Val and the boys and hung out for a while. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Jack Jack and Squirt played this time. They were so cute!


Jack Jack is really standing so well, too!


Being cute:


In her party dress eating green beans:


Pretty Samara:


The wedding was great. It was fun and the food was surprisingly good! I made a slideshow for the reception and that went off without a hitch. Funny thing... the girl who got married is a twin, and I was standing next to her sister and dad for the whole slide show. Her dad kept asking "which one of you is that" even after we told him that ALL of the pictures in the slide show were of the twin who was getting married... seriously!

Bride dancing with a tired baby. She was being such a good sport!


The happy couple:


On the drive home, I got some pictures of Squirt's teeth (sort of)


I really had a great time! We should have more weddings!


  1. Hello?! We are totally having a wedding in April! haha JK. Love all the pictures!

  2. hah... ghettosville... good name for greeley..

    as funny as the "you must be the boyfriend" comment was (camilla and I are speaking again... but we haven't laughed about that one yet... even though it was really funny) I think my favorite comment was "'that's a nice rice cooker''it's hawon's' 'makes sense!'"

    hah- makes sense!

  3. ps- I like the shirt you wore to the wedding! where'd you get it? :)

    hah- makes sense!

  4. We really missed seeing you. But I enjoyed reading about the trip. And thanks for posting the pictures. That shot of Jack-Jack and Squirt will now be the new wallpaper on my office computer.

  5. well then I'll send it to you full size so that you can have a better resolution background :)