Monday, December 22, 2008

The annual progressive dinner

Frik's family does a progressive dinner for christmas every year. For the past couple years, we have always done appetizers, but this year, we switched it up and did dessert. It was fun and tasty :) As soon as we got to Lorna's house, Squirt and Katie were so excited to see eachother that they were squealing and laughing and hugging over and over. It was so cute: 



we then visited the rest of the family's houses in the valley from north to south, and by the time we made it to our house, Squirt was pretty much finished, so we put her to bed. One last shot of the girls before we put Squirt in bed:


Then we played some guitar hero world tour and Katie wanted to sing, too, so she found the most microphone shaped thing and started singing along:



It was a fun night! 

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