Friday, December 19, 2008

Squirt's first chrismas party!

Squirt climbed up onto the couch all by herself. She then proceeded to climb onto the top of the bookshelf we have sitting next to the couch. She was so proud of herself, and although I was equally proud, it was more of an"oh crap" proud :)

I've finished my chrismas shopping for everyone on my list. I did order some things on ebay for stocking stuffers that still have not come, so I'm hoping that they will get here in time.

Squirt had her first encounter with Santa yesterday at the "Sushi for Santa" party downtown. She doesn't typically like men with beards, and this beard was no exception.


She also had her first encounter with sushi... she didn't like the seaweed, so I tried picking out some rice and giving that to her. She was also not a fan of that, so they gave her a cooked shrimp. I didn't give her anything raw because I wasn't sure if that's one of those things babies shouldn't eat.


And a cruel Sukie also let her try wasabi :)


Frik and I decided that we weren't going to drag our christmas gifts over to CO with us, so we opened them yesterday :) He was happy about the shoes I got him, and I loved my gifts, too. We still haven't given squirt hers. She was asleep when we did the exchange.

I started planning Squirt's 1st birthday party yesterday, too. I should have invitations out soon! In the meantime, Merry Christmas!



  1. Wasabi?! That's hilarious!

    So, what time are you guys coming over on the 24th?

  2. We get in at 10 or so in the morning. Definitely in time for dinner. :)

  3. Sarah did great picking out that dress, Squirt looks so dang cute! We have no pics of Jack-Jack with Santa; we missed the ward party and Chaelomen refuses to pay to terrify our baby. I have to agree with him, we really don't have the money, lol.