Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We went over to a Dan & Mindy's yesterday night and were trying to put Alice down for a nap (it was around 10:00 pm and we were still playing games).

Alice has been going through a pretty clingy phase lately as far as sleeping. She always wants to cuddle (and she says, "Mommy cuddle you" which I can't resist) and she likes laying in bed with us which she hasn't done for about 6 months.

So being in a strange place, she was having a hard time falling asleep and wanted me to cuddle her and hold her. I did, but also wanted to get back to the game, so I offered a stuffed dog. "Do you want to cuddle the doggy?" she said, "No, cuddle Mommy". So I cuddled some more and then started singing to her. I asked her what song she wanted to sing, and then I'd sing that one. Then I sang her "I love to see the temple" and when I asked what song she wanted to sing next, it was "see temple" so we sang it again.

I asked her then if she wanted to sing "Families can be together forever" and she smiled and said "Foreber" and cuddled into my arm closer. It was so sweet. I love my baby Alice.


  1. That's so cute. My little Eliza says almost the same thing but her's is "Mommy hold you" I love it!

  2. I know sometimes it seems kind of hard to take the time when you want to get back to what you were doing, but believe me these are the times you'll look back on and really cherish. She may not remember the specifics but she'll remember you met her needs and were there for her.

    Love you. And I absolutely adore baby Alice.


  3. That is so sweet! Brings back many precious memories. It was so fun having you all visit me last summer! Must come back!

  4. Yes, I definitely want to come visit again!