Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Alice has been putting together some pretty good sentences lately, but her grammar skills have not been perfected yet. Yesterday, we went to Barnes & Noble and when we walked out, she said to me "store book fun" so I said, "book store" back to her. She thought for a minute and then said, "bookstore fun!" She has been amazing me lately with her grasp of english. If I ask her where something is and she can't find it, She will say "Where? I don't see it!" If she does find it, of course she'll say "There it is!" One of her favorite phrases is "I did it!" She's also been getting into "Mine" lately, so will describe things as "Mine toy" or "Mine Couch". We were browsing through the books at Savers and she picked up a couple and said, "Mine favorite books". It really just is so amazing to me when she puts sentences together like that. I know the grammar is wrong in most cases, but the fact that she is learning the language just makes me proud :)

Today, I had to go drop off the car to get the check engine light looked at and all diagnosed, and since there was no one to come pick us up for about an hour and a half, the guy from the shop gave us a ride home in our car. Alice didn't like that much. This guy was a typical auto shop kind of guy. He was very nice, but a little rough and big, which scared her. Well, when we got out of the car and he drove away with it, Alice said, "Mine car. Mommy daddys car." and was pretty sad about it.

She has also been quite concerned in parking lots lately, and wants you to hold her. When I picked her up, she was worried and said, "Car get me!"


  1. Cars have been known to eat small children.

  2. :::smacking Shinobi:::

    Cars do NOT eat small children. Big scary mechanics, however...

    Love you!

    (And I'm proud of Alice's language skills too!)

  3. I'm also really excited about Alice's learning ability, she picks up on stuff so fast. Just imagine when she's 10 and has a super nerdy personality.

  4. that's so sad about the car! she's such a cute little girl- can't believe she's 2!