Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's in my makeup bag?

First of all, I don't wear makeup very often. I should. I always feel better when I take the time to actually get ready, dry my hair, put on makeup, and all that. But, since you asked (even though you didn't), this is what's in my makeup bag:

Bare Essentials foundation and blush, Smashbox foundation, a couple of bare essentials eyeshadows and liners, and mascara.

Interesting, huh?

In other news, today was Christmas for us. Since we're leaving town tomorrow, we decided to celebrate today. Alice got a new play kitchen. I set it up last night and decided to nap on the couch until erik got home from work at 2 so that we could finish putting stuff up together. I woke up to the sound of Alice playing with the kitchen. It was before Erik got home since he got stuck on the freeway. Alice immediately walked over to me and said, "I want to cuddle with you" she seemed to know that she wasn't supposed to be down there playing, but didn't know what else to do. I took her upstairs and started asking her what she saw since I was only half awake and not quite sure what had happened. She told me:

"I was calling you, but you were asleep. I came downstairs and you were asleep. I was playing with my kitchen in the front room. I was making Spadetti"

It was hard to be upset with her, even though I really wanted to see her face when she first saw the kitchen.

Also, Erik got me a Kindle. It is awesome. I love it already! It's the year of the Kindle.  So many people we know are getting them :) Its a good thing for amazon, I suppose.


  1. Andrea got me a Kindle for my birthday. Very cool!

  2. umm.... HELLO!!! Are you there? wasn't this revival supposed to be a 30 day revival?