Thursday, March 1, 2012


I missed February! In my defense, it is a shorter month, right? Yeah, I know you're all forgiving me.

So... what noteworthy events transpired last month? Well, to start with, Jack has started talking more and more, but he still is very stubborn. He now has said (though don't try to get him to repeat any of these words or he'll either run away laughing or look you straight in the eye and instead say, "ball"): mommy, daddy, duke, choo choo, jack, grandma, hand, no, ball (of course), and that (which he says often, as he's pointing at whatever it is that he wants). I'm sure there have been more, but since he won't repeat himself once he gets a positive reaction from me, I can't remember any others.

Alice started taking swim lessons this week. She LOVES it and looks adorable in the pool with her little friends and teachers. Jack is jealous, though, and makes things difficult on my by squirming and twisting and trying his very hardest to get out of my arms so he can run for that gigantic bathtub.

Erik has been home more this semester since he is only taking one class. It's been nice to have him around. After this semester is over, we're looking at a year until he graduates. Graduation has been such a distant event for so long now that it's hard to think of it as something that will actually take place. We still will probably live in Provo, but I'm coming to terms with that and am actually starting to like this place. I've liked the people here for a long time, but now the place is growing on me, too. I would still love to have a basement. And a garage. And a yard. And another bedroom, my own bathroom, and playgrounds within walking distance... but I'd rather be in an imperfect house than a perfect one that I can't afford.

Not much else new is happening in my life. I teach primary now in church and it's going well. The kids (4-5 yo) can be crazy, but they are fun. I'm still excited about my upcoming employment. I have about a month left before I leave the world of stay-at-home-mom-hood for the world of work-at-home-mom-hood (since I'll be working out of the home). It will be sort of strange, though since it's part time and I'll still never leave the house, hopefully I'll adjust well.

There it is. 1 day late. I'll try to not procrastinate next (this) month.


  1. Jack sounds a LOT like Michael. :) And I am so excited for Erik I can hardly stand it. The other day I asked Dad how long till I can retire. :::snicker:::

    Love you!


  2. It was even a leap year February! ;)
    What kind of work are you going to do?

  3. I'l be doing reservations and customer service. It'll be very much like your typical call center job, so pretty much it's just a foot in the door. The one good thing about this job is the working from home part.