Thursday, June 15, 2006

Burried Alive

I need a long long vacation.

Between school, work, moving, and a million other things, the last two weeks are ranking pretty high on the "worst of my life" list. To top it off I havent slept, I've been sick, and I'm stressing about money(for no good reason).

The midterm for my CS class was a take-home test with a 48 hour time limit(With 2 points being deducted every hour that its late). I didnt even get to looking at it until 4 hours before it was due, and finished it an hour after the lab closed, which meant I couldnt turn it in until the next morning when the lab opened again. 14 hours late and 24 points deducted means that my best possible score is a C on a test that should have been a walk in the park. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I turned something in late and procrastination had nothing to do with it. Adding insult to injury, I have another lab due today which I haven't even so much as looked at, which means no sleep today either.

I'll be glad when June is over.


  1. Dude! It will get better!!!

  2. I'm sorry! I will take care of some stuff around the house tomorrow, k?