Friday, June 16, 2006

Work and Phones

So at work yesterday, my trainer came up to me and said that she had recommended me to the team lead as a trainer (in a few months, of course). That's cool because it's always m-f and $2 more/hour, which will be nice. And when I'm not training, I can still do the phone work. Yeah, I think it'd be good.

In other news... qwest hasn't switched our phone yet. I just talked to them (did you know that you can chat to a qwest person online? weird, huh?) and they said that they'll need to send a repair guy out. annoying, but whatever. The phone line was supposed to be up on tuesday, and it's friday today, so... yeah. hopefully they'll get that taken care of.

I think duke is getting used to the new place. We left him out of his kennel for about an hour while we were at class on the day after we brought him here, and he freaked out. He got into the trash and ate a package of goldfish crackers... and when erik got home, he was barking (he never barks). So he put him in the kennel and he was so scared. He actually pooped in the kennel. But we have been keeping an eye on him and he seems to be adjusting pretty well. We put the divider in his kennel so it would be a bit smaller so he wouldn't poo in it again. Oh, and he always watches Aunt Spazzy's cage... waiting for a tasty little rat morsel. and I dont' even trust enough to open the cage while he's out of his kennel.

So that's my life for the past few days. That and moving out the last little bits of our stuff. Oh! we foudn someone to take the apartment in July! I'm so excited b/c we don't have to pay any July rent. Yay!


  1. YAY! Congratulations on renting your old apartment! Love you!



  3. I'm glad you found someone. did you go to the engagement ring store like I said to Frik to do?

    Is duke acting any more normal yet?

  4. heh, no...

    Any he is acting more normal. :)