Sunday, May 18, 2008

5k anyone??

I decided that in order to get rid of my waterbed-esque stomach, I am going to start training for a 5k this week. I found this program that helps couch potatoes such as myself get up and be ready to run 5k straight after 10 weeks.

So we're going to go for this 5k. Why not support organ donation while I'm at it, eh?

Oh, so this morning, Alice was squirming around and waking me up (she sleeps in my arms in bed with me) and so I opened my eyes and she was smiling up at me. I said, "good morning baby. You're so cute!" or something similar and closed my eyes since I was not ready to wake up yet. She then made a little cooing noise and I opened my eyes and she was smiling at me like, "hello! it's time to wake up mom!" She melts my heart.

This weekend was good. I discovered a new game that I must have. Berserk, I think you'd like this one. It's called Boom Blox. Too bad Sukie and Wudan's TV is on the fritz... I would have played it even more this weekend.


  1. I may have to give Boom Blox a try. Tiger sure is interested in it.

  2. I "did" a 5K this weekend. I drove through the course twice and stood on a corner and directed traffic until one of the men in blue showed up and took over.

    I don't think I got the same benefit as running it; maybe next year.

  3. driving it twice is almost as good as running!

  4. MJ and I are going to try the program. It looks good, and we've been trying to get going with some running anyway.

  5. sweet! You should come over here and run the 5k with us!

  6. alice is so adorable. I love that baby :)