Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh, No! Poor Joe!

So last year (novemberish) I set up appointments for Frik and I to get our teeth cleaned and checked out. He had a couple cavities, so we made appts to get them filled. They filled them and I don't know if the dentist didn't clean it out well or if he did it on purpose or what just to make more money, but because of a couple of bad fillings, a few days later we were back at the dentist with him just about dying from the pain and them telling us that he needed a couple of root canals and some crowns. Well we got some antibiotics, got the crown done, and hit our annual limit on the insurance for him, so have put off getting the rest done as he has pretty much learned to live with the pain.

A couple days ago now, his teeth have been bugging him more, so we made an appt today with a different dentist and got him all checked out. His sinuses are all infected and they are definitely goign to do a root canal on at least one of the teeth. The difference between this dr and the last though is amazing. This one seems much better. For anyone in Happy Valley: let me know if you're looking for a dentist and I'll make sure you don't pick the one we did initially. We have read a ton of reviews online now and it turns out that our bad experience with them has not been the first.

I hope Frik feels better soon!


In other news, I quit my job. Put in my 2 weeks notice on Sunday of this week, so I have 1 1/2 weeks left to earn any money. Alice just has refused to take a bottle and is not too happy while I'm gone, plus Frik just got a raise with his new position, so we figured it was time. We knew that starting with the Fall semester, I would have to quit anyway so that Frik could take classes, but we just bumped the date up a little sooner.

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  1. Poor Frik!

    Lucky you, though! We've been fortunate that Jack-Jack takes a bottle cuz if I had to quit my job, whoa.

    How is the cutie?